ThinScale’s Single Click Installer: Quickly secure endpoints at scale

Whether they have decided to convert existing endpoints to thin clients or you’ve decided to lockdown employee-owned devices for BYOD, IT teams will face the issue of deployment – specifically, how they can install the security software onto devices themselves.

While there are a multitude of options for devices within the corporate network, such as MSI deployment and installation with GPOs, PXE booting, and even manual installation, these are not really possible with remote deployments. As such, companies have resorted to methods like USB deployment or even skipping the software deployment route entirely and sending full physical devices.

These are the common methods of deploying endpoint solutions, and all of these require some degree of manual intervention on the part of the IT team and end-user, which causes a bottleneck and substantially increases the time and effort required to get an environment up and running.

Is there an alternative to these deployment methods that requires less manual action from the IT team and end-user? Yes, and this method is through ThinScale’s single-click installer.

ThinScale’s Single Click Installer allows IT to create a link that will automatically begin the installation on the user’s endpoint. It will then instantly enroll the device into the correct profile & apply policy settings based on the IT team’s configuration. Meaning the user only needs to click “Next, Next, Finish” and they will complete their installation.

All that is required after that point is device restart and they end-user will be ready to proceed within their secure environment.

So what does the Single Click Installer actually install?

It installs the client instance of either ThinKiosk or Secure Remote Worker directly onto the end user’s endpoint. This is provided as an IT-sharable link that downloads the client MSI directly from ThinScale’s secure cloud.

All IT teams need to do is access the ThinScale Device Portal and navigate to the “Device Access Keys” section under the “Configuration Menu.” They then click “Add Single Click Installer” and will be brought to the Single Click Installer (SCI) setup.

Here, IT will set up where the software will base its configuration, what user information (if any) is to be collected, user install limits, and multiple other customization options.

After IT have configured the settings of the link it is ready to be created and hosted/sent to the relevant users. Once they receive the link, it will bring them to the Device Portal where it will prompt them for any information required by IT (configured in the previous screen).

Once the user enters their credentials they can submit and a download will occur of the ThinScale Desktop Agent where they can then proceed with the simple “Next, Next, Finish” Wizard.

The user will be required to perform a reboot after the first time installation and after this they will be automatically enrolled into their relevant role and policy based on configuration in previous steps.

It’s as easy as that! Why not give it a try yourself?

Ready to see it in action?