Enabling secure access for BYOD and personally-owned Windows devices for work-at-home initiatives.

What is Secure Remote Worker?

Secure Remote Worker is a software-only solution that is installed and runs on an end user's personal Windows device delivering a secure workspace environment for remote access.

Secure Remote Access

Enables remote and work-at-home users to securely connect to a corporate environment and access apps and desktops using their personally owned devices.

Secure Digital Workspace

Secure Remote Worker creates a temporary, managed, security compliant, software-based, secure digital workspace on an end user's PC without overwriting local files or data.

Simplified User Onboarding

Eliminate logistical problems associated with remote working - workers simply use their own (pre-validated) personal device, download the app, launch it, and switch to 'worker mode'.

Why Secure Remote Worker?

Connect from Personal Devices

Turn a personal device into a secure, locked down, security compliant endpoint without needing to reboot, dual-boot or boot from an external USB drive.

PCI Compliance

Secure Remote Worker helps companies achieve PCI compliance by providing coverage for the PCI DSS requirements applicable to the end point device.

Simple & Fast Deployment

As Secure Remote Worker is a software only solution, end users simply download the app, launch it and are connected securely to the corporate environment in minutes!


Centralized Management

Ensure the environment is configured securely, and is kept up to date with centralized management using the ThinScale Management Platform.

Removes Logistical Complexities

As a software-only solution, there is no need to ship devices to end users. They simply use their own device, download the software and they are up and running in minutes!

End Point Protection

Ensure users' personal devices meet required security policies before connecting to the corporate network with a comprehensive set of endpoint protection features.

"A physical thin client is incredibly clumsy. Secure Remote Worker has revolutionized security for our BYOD model, enabling us to leverage an agent’s home PC securely and without them breaking out of the session. From a single click, the whole process takes under four minutes and the agent is up and running. No comparison to hardware-based solutions!”

Marlon Beltz Director of Desktop Virtualization/WAH at Teleperformance

Secure Remote Worker Key Features


Endpoint Validation Tool

Inspect the end user's endpoint device prior to on-boarding - run a report on the device detailing what it’s running, patch levels and remediation required before granting access.


Locks Down the Personal Device

By enabling 'worker mode', Secure Remote Worker launches a temporary secure workspace environment on the user's device, completely locking the user out from their underlying Windows OS.


Windows Patch Management

The Windows Patch Management feature within Secure Remote Worker ensures the user's personal device meets required patching standards and policies before allowing them to connect.


USB Device Blocking

USB devices are often seen as one of the main causes of security breaches and data leakage within an organization. Secure Remote Worker prevents users from accessing these devices.


Service Execution Prevention

Service Execution Prevention ensures device security by allowing you to control which Windows services are allowed to run while Secure Remote Worker 'worker mode' is running.


Write Filter

The Write Filter redirects any writes to the drive within Secure Remote Worker to a virtual overlay within a temporary location. The overlay is destroyed upon ending the session.


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How does Secure Remote Worker work?

When Secure Remote Worker is launched on the end-user's personal Windows PC or laptop, the end-user is logged out of their local session and placed in a secure session where lockdown policies are applied and the Windows Explorer is blocked. They can only access the Secure Remote Worker user interface where the administrator has full control.

Once finished, the end-user can exit Secure Remote Worker. All the device restrictions will be lifted then and the end-user has full control of their local PC again.

How does Secure Remote Worker work?

Secure Remote Worker Data Sheet

Demo: End User Experience

Secure Remote Worker is an easy to use solution that quickly provides end-users with a secure workspace. End users can quickly access authorised resources via the Secure Remote Worker client.

To get an idea of what this solution would look like for your end-users, watch this quick two-minute demo of Secure Remote Worker in action.

Work Anywhere Solutions

Secure Remote Worker Use Cases

Deliver multiple business benefits by easily, efficiently, and securely enabling remote working, work-at-home programs and “bring your own device” initiatives.

Enabling Secure Remote Access

With built-in location awareness, Secure Remote Worker is capable of dynamically updating permissions based on an endpoint's local network and centrally-managed policies. End users can work securely from anywhere (remotely, at home, other office locations or even the local coffeeshop), improving end-user mobility and productivity.

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