Secure Corporate Devices​

Modern endpoints are no longer domain-joined, static devices. They must be suitable for on-premises, remote, and hybrid working.

But all of this needs to be delivered without sacrificing the control or security expected from on-premises devices.

ThinScale delivers true corporate endpoint security and management in all environments.

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Turn corporate endpoints into locked-down thin clients

Corporate endpoint security needs to be dynamic, adaptive to any situation, and most importantly, completely controlled by IT.

Our corporate endpoint lockdown solution provides this flexibility while maintaining the highest standard of enterprise security.

Our solutions undergo regular penetration testing allowing you to maintain compliance with standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Key security features

Secure isolated sessions

Secures corporate endpoints by launching an isolated workspace, blocking access to the underlying OS

Stops malware before it starts

Execution Prevention stops unauthorized applications, services and malware from running on the endpoint

Data loss prevention

Data is saved to an inaccessible temporary drive, while USB blocking and watermarking prevent the most prevalent methods of data loss

Control access to VDI / DaaS

Access to the corporate network is only possible when a secure session is running, giving your IT team total control over its cybersecurity posture

Supports multi-factor authentication

Full authenticator and MFA support, for both end users and IT management, ensuring stringent control over access of resources and credentials

Custom access policies

Custom access policies allow IT to set recurring checks on all endpoints in your environment, ensuring consistency with security standards

ThinScale is compatible with major VDI / DaaS vendors

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about our corporate endpoint security solution.

No, they can be either on or off the corporate domain depending on the requirement, with no impact to functionality or security.
ThinScale locks down the device and enforces strict application and service control. Users can only access what IT has allowed through the ThinScale Profile Editor.
Currently ThinScale will run on any Windows 10 or 11 x86 device.
No, it uses the Windows operating system to create a secure shell, separate from the normal layer of Windows.
ThinScale can support almost any Windows application, including legacy applications. If it works with Windows, it works with us.

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