Local App Delivery

Package and deploy any piece of software directly to every one of your endpoints from your central management with ThinScale’s Local app delivery. 

Software packages can be built from scratch or created using templates available in the ThinScale Customer Portal. All that your admins have to do is decide which user group or endpoint group receives these packages. 

Deploy and install any software across your entire estate.

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Reduce the need to re-image with ThinScale’s centralized application delivery

Thanks to customizable software packages, ThinScale allows IT teams to take complete and instant control of their endpoint deployments. 

Install and uninstall any software without deploying new policy objects, desktop images, deskside visits, or the collection of machines. 

Any changes to the software deployed on any endpoint or user group can be installed instantly or at a configured period to ensure as little disruption as possible. 

Key features

Custom software package creation

Preset package library

Instant & specified time installation

Touchless installation & uninstallation

Install apps, scripts, hyperlinks, certificates and more

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