Patch Management

Deliver OS and software updates to any and all endpoints in an environment. Eliminating the need for deskside visits or endpoint retrieval. 

ThinScale’s Patch Management allows patches to be deployed for automatic installation on any enrolled device. Allowing IT to maintain and update their software suite with ease. 

Deploy updates in moments.

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No need to compromise control & security for business continuity

ThinScale allows endpoints to remain up to date with the latest security and quality-of-life patches without risking downtime for any end-users. 

 IT can pick which OS or software patches they want to deploy and configure the device group or role group to install at the optimal time, which of course is also custom. 

This, in conjunction with real-time visibility on current patch status for any device in the ThinScale environment, means any device regardless of location can be kept up to date. 

Key features

Advanced OS Update Search

Optional Ignore Patch Rules

Configurable Installation Periods

Software package deployment

Automatic ThinScale Management Platform updates

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