Software-defined Windows Thin Clients

What is a ThinKiosk Thin Client?

ThinKiosk is the first, Windows-based software defined thin client solution delivering at scale, secure, centrally managed endpoints on any Windows device.

Secure Software-Defined Thin Clients

ThinKiosk converts and repurposes existing Windows PCs, laptops and thin clients into fully managed, secure thin clients, extending the life of existing hardware and providing an alternative to hardware based thin clients.​

Centralized Endpoint Management

Using ThinKiosk's intuitive central management platform, IT teams can easily manage, troubleshoot, and update their entire thin client environment updating software, profiles, and security settings, all from a single console.

Familiar Windows User Experience​

The ThinKiosk secure workspace interface is end user friendly and intuitive, providing a locked-down workspace environment with a familiar Windows look and feel. It easily allows end users access to both remote and local apps.

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Why ThinKiosk?


Designed for the Windows OS

Designed specifically for the Windows operating system by Windows VDI experts – all the benefits of Windows software (without the pain of patching).



As a software solution, ThinKiosk eliminates the need to purchase new hardware giving you greater flexibility, reduced costs and easy deployment​.


Familiar Windows Interface

Being Windows-based means ThinKiosk delivers all the features and benefits that end-users expect along with a familiar interface they're comfortable using.


Secure by Design

Deliver a fully managed and controlled secure workspace environment to your Windows endpoints complete with Enterprise-class advanced security hardening.


Centralized Management

Centrally configure and manage all your ThinKiosk devices from the ThinScale Management Platform ensuring they are up to date, secure and compliant.


Vendor Agnostic

Works with and supports all leading remote solutions such as Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft​. As it's not tied to any specific hardware either, you can avoid vendor lock in.

ThinKiosk Key Features

Full Device Lock-Down

Secure thin client devices by applying a centralized policy preventing end users from accessing the underlying operating system.

Role-Based Administration

This allows the IT department to delegate different administrative tasks to different people, teams, or departments within the organization.

Magic Filter

Magic Filter is a dynamic key press pass-through feature that traps the local Ctrl + Alt + Del and Windows + L keystrokes.

Customizable User Interface

Tailor the ThinKiosk workspace UI with your organizations branding and settings, enhancing the end user experience.

Windows Patch Management

IT can easily control the Windows Update feature to ensure that end users are not disrupted by the update process.

Windows Security Center Detection

ThinKiosk gives IT the ability to proactively check other security components of the thin client device operating system.

Who is ThinKiosk Designed For?

IT Administrators

IT Administrators

With it’s centralized management platform, ThinKiosk allows IT admins to manage the converted thin clients from a single console. They can quickly and simply deploy policies to devices ensuring they are always secure, up to date, and compliant.



For a business, deploying ThinKiosk delivers numerous cost savings and benefits. Support costs will be lower, as will the amount of time required to deliver support activities. This frees up IT teams to work on more strategic, business lead projects.

End Users

End Users

End users are the biggest asset to a business, and delivering solutions that increase their productivity provide massive advantage. ThinKiosk delivers a number of features that are designed to make life easier for the end users.

Sector Focus

ThinKiosk delivers a range of different features that can add real life benefits to different industries and sectors. From smartcard support for healthcare, to remote working initiatives for the enterprise. Click on the example sectors below to see how ThinKiosk can deliver specific features and benefits for that sector.

As part of the drive to centralize patient data, many healthcare organizations are turning to virtual desktop solutions, partly to reduce costs, but also to secure the sensitive patient data within the confines of the datacenter. ThinKiosk can turn existing PC’s into centrally managed Windows-based thin clients, delivering clinicians a familiar look and feel, but more importantly a secure workspace from where they can access healthcare systems and patient data. They will also have access to legacy apps that are installed locally in the case that apps cannot be delivered centrally.

The challenges in education focus on how to deliver an improved learning experience while at the same time keeping one eye on the ever shrinking budgets. This is often where VDI and remote desktop environments come into play, and where ThinKiosk can assist by enabling existing Windows devices to be converted to Windows-based thin clients, saving costs yet delivering a familiar working environment both in the classroom environment as well as remotely.

The key to delivering technology solutions within corporate enterprise is to reduce costs and at the same time drive the business forward with innovative and competitive advantage. With ThinKiosk an organization can not only repurpose their existing Windows hardware into secure Windows-based thin clients, they can also take advantage of the centralized management and patching features. They can also embrace BYOD and remote or home working by deploying a secure, policy driven secure workspace environment.

"We could continue to waste our time with our current solution or we could deploy the ThinScale ThinKiosk solution. It used to take an hour and a half or so to configure a thin client with HP, but with ThinKiosk it takes about 2 minutes, even if you have the write filter enabled!"

Frank Slomp
Systems Administrator at City Council of Steenwijkerland, NL

“End users don’t even realize they are working on VDI. It looks like they are working the same way as they would on a PC at home.”

Patrique Schuijffel
Senior IT Specialist at the Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ), NL

“Due to shrinking budgets, our school district had to find a way to extend the functional lifespan of our 16,000 Windows computers. Users love that MagicFilter makes their thin client behave like a regular computer…”

Brent Goerner
Director of Technology Operations at Allen Independent School District, US

“ThinKiosk's support of multiple VDI environments really helped, and is a big plus for running in production. Working with the ThinScale team is excellent and support is very responsive. It’s great to be able to speak to them directly and discuss potential new or additional product features."

Patrique Schuijffel
Senior IT Specialist at the Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ), NL

“We tested several products based on various criteria including, cost, ease of implementation, central management capability and user friendliness to name but a few. Based on our criteria, ThinKiosk scored the highest in all categories.”

Dermot Hanley
IT Manager at The Irish Times, IRL
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