Manage your ThinScale deployment from the cloud

Access secure device management from anywhere

Manage your entire ThinScale deployment easily from the cloud. ThinScale Cloud takes the powerful ThinScale Management Platform and makes it accessible with any modern browser, hosted by ThinScale and utilizing Azure datacenters.

ThinScale Cloud Overview

ThinScale cloud makes the functionality of our powerful ThinScale Management Platform accessible through a streamlined & efficient web interface. It removes the need for our customers to host and manage it on a local datacentre.

It allows IT teams to easily manage endpoints, deploy updates, and more, through a web-portal that is hosted and updated by ThinScale.

The ThinScale Cloud allows you to control your endpoint estate using the ThinScale Device Portal.

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Key Features

Secure endpoint management

ThinScale Cloud is secure by design, utilizing Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, MFA, SSL, and Role-Based Access to ensure the highest level of security for your endpoint management.

Easy scaling for any business requirement

Add or remove thousands of devices in minutes, segregate based on role, credentials, or lines of business. Easily provide environments for local app deployments or VDI/DaaS access.

Region-based content delivery networks

Remove region-based bottlenecks. End-users will be able to download content and updates as required from the nearest CDN in their region to ensure faster download times.

Proactive monitoring & easier troubleshooting

Monitor and troubleshoot all devices in your endpoint environment with comprehensive auditing, event-logging tools, and proactive device performance analytics.

Automatic cloud management updates

The ThinScale Cloud applies updates automatically with each new release, removing the need for any migrations or action at all from your IT team.

Cloud architecture

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about ThinScale Cloud

ThinScale Cloud is hosted using the Microsoft Azure tenant. Through the Content Delivery Network (CDN), data can be delivered from different locations around the world, relevant to the end-user.

The ThinScale Cloud uses both Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes Containerization to ensure that data is secure.

You simply need a valid Device Portal login. You can gain this by either:

    • Requesting a trial of ThinKiosk or Secure Remote Worker
    • Purchasing a license of ThinKiosk or Secure Remote Worker

If you are upgrading from an older version of ThinScale to the ThinScale Cloud, please contact your account manager who will assist in the upgrade process.

Get in touch to learn more about how the ThinScale Cloud can revolutionize your endpoint management