ThinKiosk & Secure Remote Worker 6.1

Hello all!

We are happy to announce the release of ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker 6.1, bringing a host of enhancements to the existing control features and additions to the end-user experience. In this post we’ve selected some of the major additions to speak about in this update.

The main features in this update that we will be going through are:

  • ThinScale’s Custom Watermarking
  • Application Tab: Resource Searchbar
  • Software Packages: User Installation & package download indicator
  • Application Execution Prevention:  Complete local control
  • Virtual Desktop Agent: VMware Horizon support
  • Profile Conflict Resolution

ThinScale’s Custom Watermarking

Requested by a number of users, you can now add custom watermarking to the ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker UI, this is mainly to act as a deterrent against data leakage, making it so should photos be taken of screens while in a secure session, they can easily be identified.

Watermarking setting inside ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker’s Profile Editor

Custom Watermark example

Application Tab: Quick Find searchbar

We have added a new searchbar to the ribbon bar of our main application tab in the ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker UI. This will allow your users to search through the resources available to them in the application tab. This feature is intended to make life easier on end-users who have a large amount of applications in their secure UI. 

Software Packages:  User Installation & package download indicator

We have enhanced our existing Software Package deployment to now allow packages to be installed based on the ThinKiosk User in both Secure Remote Worker and ThinKiosk. This allows software packages to be installed on the machine as per normal, but the software will only be accessible then from the ThinKiosk or Secure Remote Worker client, due to the installation being specific to the ThinKiosk User.

This allows you to deploy software packages for your users without worrying about them accessing these apps outside of their secure work-space. 

It should be noted that the software being installed in this way must support per user installation from the outset.

You can access this setting through the software package creator option in the ThinScale Management Platform

Application Execution Prevention:  Offline execution prevention – Complete application control

We have further enhanced our Application Execution Prevention functionality, now you can restrict application executables from running even on the user’s personal session. In this Secure Remote Worker-focused enhancement we have mirrored the standard in-session AEP settings and allow you to apply them out-of-session.

There is a lot of scope for control over your user’s personal machines with this. However, the main thing it allows is the restriction of access to any local corporate applications when the user is outside of the Secure Remote Worker UI. Whereas before there was no way of stopping this. This enhancement allows more control personal endpoints.

Virtual Desktop Agent: VMware Horizon support

Our virtual desktop agent provides an added layer of security to virtual desktops and remote desktop session hosts by running checks on the connecting local device. The virtual desktop agent can perform action such as denying connection if the endpoint making the connection is not running Secure Remote Worker or ThinKiosk.

We have now brought that functionality to VMware Horizon environments. To read more about our Virtual Desktop Agent here.

Profile Conflict Resolution

In order to make editing profiles for ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker deployments easier for IT administration, the new profile validation checks the settings being applied to a Secure Remote Worker or ThinKiosk profile, and will provide a warning if these settings run into compatibility issues.

Conflicts can be resolved easily with this new feature, before any profile updates are deployed.

These have been the highlights of this recent release, however, there are more enhancements to both ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker that I did not go through in this blog, to see the full list of improvements, visit the Product Updates section of our Knowledge Base.

Access the latest version of ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker using our customer portal:


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