Secure Remote Worker and ThinKiosk 7.0 now available

ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker remote working work from home

Hello all! We are happy to announce the release of Secure Remote Worker and ThinKiosk 7.0! This is a cumulative update that brings several new security and employee experience enhancements to Secure Remote Worker and ThinKiosk.

Personalized User Password

Secure Remote Worker:
Secure Remote Worker users can now create personalized passwords while active in the Secure Remote Worker session, allowing them to lock SRW temporarily. Particularly useful if an employee must briefly step away from their machine.

Dual Persona

Secure Remote Worker:
Secure Remote Worker provides separation between the personal environment and corporate workspace. With the dual personas, this is greatly enhanced. This allows applications and data to be saved only within the Secure Remote Worker user session, with no personal session users or applications. Data in the Secure Remote Worker session is further secured via Window’s BitLocker.

Windows Updates: Ignore 3rd party driver updates

Secure Remote Worker & ThinKiosk:
This allows IT to designate whether Secure Remote Worker or ThinKiosk checks for 3rd party driver updates as part of The Validation tool and Access policy’s Windows updates checks. Allowing for greater flexibility in the testing of devices in your ThinScale environment.

Temporary Storage

Secure Remote Worker & ThinKiosk:
Secure Remote Worker and ThinKiosk now allow the employer to designate and customize the virtual storage on employee devices. The size, label, and drive letter can all defined, as well as when this virtual storage is erased, if at all.


7.0 introduces several new features. For a full description of this new release, for both Secure Remote Worker and ThinKiosk, please read our product release details below!


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