Hybrid Work: Simple, Secure and Cost-Effective

Hybrid environments have been correctly identified as the way forward for the majority of organizations. However, some have identified complications around ease of implementation, with multiple solutions to manage and their associated costs (server allocation, hardware and software acquisition, etc.) The question is, how can you deliver hybrid/work from anywhere quickly, seamlessly, and with as little cost impact as possible?

With ThinScale’s latest release, organizations can allow corporate workspaces to travel with their employees, accessing their unique, IT-curated corporate workspaces to access applications and data on any device. This new way of profile assignment allows a hybrid workforce to truly work from anywhere at a fraction of the price of implementing a large-scale shift to cloud or hosted services.

Why is this beneficial?

  • Promotes work from anywhere
  • Allows organizations to easily manage Third-Party Vendors as well as customer environments
  • Simple & easy for IT
  • Requires very little change and is incredibly cost-effective

Promotes work from anywhere

ThinScale enables your organization to take advantage of the hybrid office framework with this latest feature. All your employees need to access their secure environment is their login credentials. This makes any shared device and hotdesking schemes much more viable. Further, this will allow organizations to provide a single migratory profile that will travel between remote and on-premises devices.

Allows employees to work for multiple customers seamlessly

ThinScale also enables employees who work for multiple customers (BPOs & Contact Centers) to quickly and easily switch between their different customer-curated environments with just their login credentials.

Reduces IT complexity

A major issue with hybrid IT is the amount of administration it can take, trying to make sure every device is updated and every user is secure. This often means managing multiple solutions and management systems to provide for both on-premises and work-at-home deployments. ThinScale resolves this by providing easy-to-use infrastructure management for both on-premises and remote working devices and both corporate devices and BYOD. All devices can be controlled, updated, and monitored from a single management platform.

Improves business continuity

The ability to quickly move from working on-premises to remote work has proven to be the best form of business continuity, and hybrid solutions provide just that. However, the issue with some is down to the variance in employee working experience. On-premises devices may have different allowances and experiences to their remote counterparts. ThinScale ensures that the employee experience will be consistent regardless of where they are accessing their environment. Both on-premises and remote devices are protected using the same secure infrastructure and managed in the exact same way.

What makes this all possible? User-Based Profile Assignment

This ability for employees to access their own ThinScale environment from anywhere is thanks to the user-based profile assignment feature now available in ThinScale’s solutions.

What is User-Based Profile assignment?

User-based Profile assignment is the new way in which IT teams can deploy ThinScale policy, data, and applications. ThinScale profiles can now be retrieved based on a user’s login credentials. This means that all a user needs to access their own secure environment is a valid login and any ThinScale device.

Who Will Benefit From This?

  • Any organization that is interested in enhancing their existing hybrid workplace with a highly secure, and easy to manage solution.
  • Any organization that is attempting to move back to the office slowly and wants to make sure all remote and on-prem employees will have a consistent experience.
  • Any organization is looking to plan for potential future pandemics and wants to ensure there will be no drop in productivity or downtime in a sudden shift back to remote working.


Hybrid environments are, without a doubt, the way forward. However, not all solutions are built to make the most of the framework truly. ThinScale can now provide its award-winning secure workspaces across all devices and across all locations. With ThinScale on the endpoints of a hybrid environment, employees are truly able to work from anywhere, IT teams can drastically reduce the time and energy spent managing hybrid deployments, and organizations can rest assured that they have their endpoints covered in a disaster recovery scenario.

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