What’s New with ThinKiosk 4.5?

Today we are proud to announce the full release of ThinKiosk 4.5. As always we want to thank our customers and the many members of the community that contacted us with ideas for new features and benefits. Below is a download link and some information about some of the new features in 4.5.

Broker / Management Server

  • HA support for ThinKiosk Brokers
  • Active Directory authorisation
  • Centralised Client Updates

HA support for ThinKiosk Brokers

Now with full support for Microsoft SQL Server, highly available ThinKiosk brokers can now be configured. With the use of network load balancing or DNS round robin, ThinKiosk clients will now seamlessly failover to other configured brokers should their active broker go offline.

Active Directory authorization

You can now logon to the ThinKiosk Broker from the Management Console using domain credentials or optionally as the current user. Active Directory groups can be configured for authorisation into the ThinKiosk Broker.

Centralised Client Updates

Software Updates for the ThinKiosk client now be automaticity deployed and installed from the ThinKiosk broker. By selecting a client version and assigning it to your ThinKiosk profile, you client device will always remain up to date.


ThinKiosk Client

  • Profile Clean-up
  • ThinScale Connector
  • Password changes
  • Improved Performance
  • Redesigned client / broker communications

Profile Clean-up

ThinKiosk can now remove any unused profiles that may be still be present on the client device.

ThinScale Connector

The ThinScale connector provides resource enumeration from Citrix StoreFront and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services brokers. The new connector replaces the “receiver tab” aggregating all remote and local resources to a single pane on the ThinKiosk ‘Applications Tab’.

Password Changes

Users now have the ability to change their Active Directory password when leveraging the ThinScale connector.

Improved Performance

With various redesigns and code optimisations, the ThinKiosk client now starts up to 40% faster than previous versions.

Redesigned client / broker communications

Communication between the ThinKiosk client and broker has been redesigned allowing clients to be management even when not logged in.


If you need reminding of all the other features and benefits ThinKiosk Enterprise has to offer have a read here.

If you want any further information, drop us an email on [email protected].

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