ThreadLocker 3.0 Launches

ThinScale Technology are proud to announce the general availability of ThreadLocker 3.0. Version 3.0 is a major new release with some exciting new features and functionality. Below is a download link and details of the changes in this release.

Key Highlights in Version 3.0:

System Wide Monitoring

System Wide monitoring is a new capability that controls the system’s overall CPU usage. When the overall usage reaches a configured threshold ThreadLocker will start applying its ThreadLocking algorithms. ThreadLocker will make intelligent decisions about which processes to ThreadLock based on a number of criteria and various configuration options selected. With System Wide monitoring enabled, CPU usage will no longer flat line for extended periods of time.


ThreadLocker’s new reporting engine will collect and allow you to report on key data points including: – CPU Utilisation – Session Counts – ThreadLocker Actions – The most resource consuming users and processes Real-time and historic data views allow you see exactly what was happening in your environment and how ThreadLocker was working to keep your environments CPU usage under control.

Configurable Process CPU Thresholds

Prior to version 3.0 the amount of CPU a single process could consume before it was eligible for ThreadLocking was fixed at 100% of single CPU core. This value is now configurable allowing you set your own thresholds.

Per Process Overrides
ThreadLocking criteria can now be configured on a per-process basis should the global configuration not satisfy the requirements of all your applications.

User Messaging

Option messages can be displayed to users when any of their applications have ThreadLocking applied to them.


ThreadLocker 3.0 has been rolled into our new IntelliPerform solution


The ThinScale Team

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