Virtual Desktop Security

Despite the many benefits VDI / DaaS can provide, virtual environments are vulnerable to attacks on the endpoint.

Given the cost of building and maintaining virtual infrastructure, it’s vital that the endpoints accessing them are not introducing vulnerabilities.

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Securing the last step of your VDI & DaaS deployment

Compliance on the endpoint

Locks down devices, removing access to the underlying operating system, in compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR standards

True endpoint security

Endpoints are secured with application and service white/blacklisting and a controlled, secure enterprise browser

VDI | DaaS integrations

Full support for major VDI and DaaS vendors, including auto launch options, enabling users to quickly access virtual environments

Secure workspace delivery

Delivers a secure workspace where employees can access IT-approved local resources and VDI / DaaS environments

Prevent unauthorized access

Our Virtual Desktop Agent ensures only ThinScale-secured endpoints can access your virtual environments

Data loss prevention (DLP)

USB storage device filtering, watermarking and encrypted temporary data storage, and more, to prevent loss / leakage of critical data

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes, ThinScale by default completely locks down the user’s device, providing access only to IT-approved resources, in this case, only the Virtual Desktop client.
Yes, ThinScale is compatible with almost any Windows application. All that IT teams need to do is approve the specific local applications they want running on the relevant device/user-base.
Yes, that is one of the more common use cases for our customers. Any VPN that works on a Windows operating system can be ran within our secure software without risk.
They will not be able to be to do this. ThinScale’s VDA (Virtual Desktop Agent) checks each time there is an attempt to access the VDI / DaaS to ensure that the secure session is running on the device. If it is not, the connection is blocked.
Yes, through ThinScale’s Software Packages. Any 3rd party application can be updated quickly and easily, including Virtual Desktop clients.

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