Secure Untrusted Devices​

Ensure the management and security of untrusted devices are in alignment with regulatory compliance standards such as: PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Protect your IT infrastructure against common attack vectors and vulnerabilities associated with untrusted devices accessing your corporate network.

Our software solution leverages the Windows OS. No USB drives or dual-booting required.

De-risking untrusted devices

A device that is not issued or managed by your IT team often won’t meet your security configurations and standards (encryption, authentication, access).

It may also be running out-dated or unsupported applications and firmware that are vulnerable to attack.

ThinScale gives your IT team the control needed to configure strict access policies and enforce key software updates and patching.

How does ThinScale secure untrusted devices?

A secure, isolated, and IT-managed session is launched on any untrusted device running on the Windows OS.
Employee is logged into a corporate profile within a secure workspace without admin privileges, where they access virtual resources, local apps, or a secure browser.

Apps, services, & URLs can be whitelisted or blacklisted within this secure workspace, to prevent malware or unapproved services from running.

All data created during the secure session is saved to a hidden, BitLocker encrypted temporary drive that cannot be read by unapproved processes.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): the infiltration and exfiltration of data is prohibited. Data can be set to self-delete post-session.
External USB storage devices can be blocked without stopping the use of other USB devices such as headphones or keyboards.
When the user is finished working, they close the secure session and are logged back into their personal profile on the device, exactly as it was.

Key security features

Secure isolated sessions

Launches a secure, compliant, IT-controlled and configured session on any Windows device where users can access their virtual workspace​

Stops malware before it starts

Execution Prevention stops unauthorized applications, services and malware from running on the endpoint

Data loss prevention and encryption

Data is saved to a temporary drive that is inaccessible to unauthorized processes, and all data can be set to delete after each session

Control access to VDI / DaaS

Access to the corporate network is only possible when a secure session is running, giving your IT team total control over its cybersecurity posture

ThinScale is compatible with major VDI / DaaS vendors

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about how ThinScale secures untrusted devices

This behaviour can be configured by the IT team, giving you full control over what services and apps are allowed to run during the secure session. When the secure session ends, any background services or apps that had been running prior to the session will be resumed.
If malware is already running on the device, then it will be stopped as soon as the secure session is launched. This includes screen-scrapers and keyloggers which sit on the endpoint. Only IT-approved services and apps can run during a secure session.
No. ThinScale’s Dual Persona technology enforces complete segregation between personal and work-related data, with zero chance of contamination in either direction.
ThinScale’s solutions can be remotely wiped from the device by your IT team, removing the ability to launch a secure session and revoking access to the corporate network. This is crucial when managing a remote / WFH workforce.

Yes, customers have the option to utilize the ThinScale Cloud or host their own management server.

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