Hosting Options

Host and manage your endpoint deployments the way you want, with cloud-based or on-premises hosting options. This way you have the necessary flexibility for any requirement or use case.

Simplify patch management, reduce the need to re-image, solve performance issues faster, and more.

Manage ThinScale devices securely, from anywhere

ThinScale allows endpoint environments to be managed both from a dedicated and secure, ThinScale-hosted cloud environment; or a self-hosted/on-premises environment.  

Whatever method you chose, the ThinScale management platform provides a streamlined and simplified central management tool that gives IT teams complete control and visibility over endpoint deployments. 

remote management
ThinScale Cloud
The ThinScale cloud allows you to control your endpoint estate using the ThinScale Device Portal. Read our one-pager for more information on ThinScale’s cloud solution.
The ThinScale Management Platform can be self-hosted for increased control over data and resources. Click below for more information on self-hosted ThinScale management.

Key features

Easy policy & device mangement

Patch management & app delivery

Complete endpoint visibility

Push OS updates as soon as available

Fast support & troubleshooting

Automation of day-to-day IT tasks

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Compliance reports
All ThinScale solutions are regularly pen-tested and help maintain compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. Read our compliance reports from Coalfire.
Product information
Want to learn more about the product? Read our technical datasheet to understand the key features and benefits in more detail.
More use cases
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