Performance Enhancement Solutions

Solutions designed to optimize the performance and management of CPU and memory resources in virtualized infrastructure environments.

Optimize CPU Performance

A key consideration when designing and building virtual or hosted desktop and application environments is to correctly size CPU requirements to ensure optimal performance levels. Performance needs to be as good as, if not better, than those in the physical world, to guarantee a successful infrastructure deployment. Although you can size CPU resources to fit the needs of most end users, you will still find that there are certain applications that ‘misbehave’ and will consume all of the available resources, resulting in a poor user experience for other end users. ThinScale’s ThreadLocker solution allows IT to intelligently manage CPU resources ensuring individual users and applications don’t consume all the available resources that would impact other end users.

Optimize CPU Performance

Disk IO Performance Management

As well as the CPU considerations when it comes to designing and building virtual or hosted desktop and application environments, you also need to look at right-sizing the storage requirements, but not from a capacity perspective. Most virtual desktops will be built on demand using some form of snapshotting or creation services, so the performance of the storage becomes a critical component of the infrastructure. Storage IO performance will directly impact the end user experience as slowness will result in delayed login times and the time it takes for desktops and applications to become useable. With ThinScale’s ThinIO intelligent disk I/O solution, boot IOPS are reduced by up to 80%. As well as having a positive impact on the end user experience, it also allows you to deploy more users with less infrastructure, lowering infrastructure costs.

Disk IO Performance Management

ThreadLocker is a software solution that enables IT to intelligently manage their infrastructures CPU resources, ensuring that individual end users and applications don’t consume all the available resources which could impact other end users. Intelligent use of resources also means that you can deliver the best performance from your exisiting hardware, increasing user density, and lowering costs.

ThreadLocker Features & Benefits

  • Enhance the end user experience by ensuring end users and apps have the appropriate CPU resource levels available
  • Increase resource utilization, maximizing your infrastructure investment, and reducing infrastructure costs
  • Manage CPU resource with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities showing you exactly where resources are being consumed

ThinIO is an intelligent, software-defined storage performance management solution that instantly delivers performance enhancements simply, and more efficiently. It takes full advantage of existing data center infrastructure, eliminating the need to purchase dedicated, expensive SAN, NAS, and all-flash storage arrays to deliver end user computing.

ThinIO Features & Benefits

  • Increase the speed of end user login times by spinning up desktop and application resources faster
  • Enable greater user density, by deploying more users and lowering hardware requirements
  • Reduce CapEx by purchasing less hardware, reduce OpEx by deploying a software-defined solution, resulting in an increased ROI

”With ThreadLocker we have been able to control the amount of CPU threads per server Excel can consume, this allows for a greater user density and in turn a reduced per seat cost. We love how easy ThreadLocker is to setup, using our software deployment services we push the agent with configuration and it’s ready and controlling CPU threads in seconds. Today we continue to scale our environment, ThreadLocker is now a crucial part of our service standard and we continue to find new ways it can help achieve our global business agility needs.”

Matt Pinnell
End User Computing – Virtualization Specialist at Willis Towers Watson

“Ultimately ThinIO was successful beyond our expectations. We saw a 23% improvement in overall performance with significantly faster user logins. ThinIO allowed us to increase our user density, save on costs and ultimately delivered a much better user experience. ThinIO provided a much more cost effective solution allowing us to get a greater ROI on our current infrastructure and will ensure that we will continue to have a higher user density as our programme grows.”

Eric Gurna
President & CEO at LA’s BEST
Willis Towers Watson 2
La's Best 2
The Irish Times
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