Smashing the Ramp-Up, Part 2: Automate Device Imaging and Ship Devices Faster

This post is the second in a two-part series called Smashing the Ramp-up. The first part discussed how to increase agent training capacity while reducing IT complexity. This part looks at how to solve logistical issues through automated device imaging and faster shipping.

The traditional way of doing procurement is to buy all the devices required to equip the crop of new agent hires, which could number several hundred or more.

Once purchased, you would ship them to your head office, spend countless hours setting them up for production with the right software and hardware configurations — “imaging” is the term for that — and then send them to your employees.

This process is hugely wasteful, extremely costly, and very labor-intensive. And depending on shipping issues, can lead to long delays in getting the new agents into production — not exactly what you want during a ramp-up.

What if there was a better way? What if you could automatically deploy all the necessary software to a corporate device based on who logs in and do so in a matter of minutes?

Such a solution already exists. It’s called ThinKiosk.

A better way to manage device procurement, imaging, & shipping

ThinScale’s ThinKiosk software is specifically designed to solve challenges IT and procurement teams face in the BPO and contact center industries.

The software allows IT teams to do precisely what we just described: automatically deploy the necessary software to a corporate device based on who logs in.

In this new procurement method, the organization ships devices directly from the manufacturer or supplier to their new hires. IT then automatically images each device through a central management console.

What is ThinKiosk?

In technical terms, ThinKiosk is a scalable PC to thin client conversion system that runs on Windows and provides a single end-user experience across all converted endpoints.

It transforms Windows PCs into safe, centrally managed Windows-based thin clients, lowering hardware and administrative costs while boosting end-user satisfaction.

How ThinKiosk works

ThinKiosk resolves procurement challenges by enabling a fully secure solution for organizations’ corporate devices, both on-premise and remote. It converts existing Windows infrastructure into secure and compliant corporate endpoints, providing a locked-down, zero-trust enterprise environment for use in any setting.

IT teams can image thousands of machines, update individual applications, and apply security policies in minutes with just a few clicks, all from a centralized endpoint management platform. It keeps all devices up to date, secure, and running the correct policies and profiles.

Onboarding new agents becomes a simple process: deploying the thin client software to the corporate device and using existing desktop deployment tools.

ThinKiosk provides the same functionality as our Secure Remote Worker software solution but was developed with corporate-owned devices in mind.

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ThinKiosk Features

Aside from those just listed, other key ThinKiosk features include:

  • Compatibility with Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, and AWS
  • PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance
  • Works on any Windows compatible device
  • Endpoint device control, security, and compliance
  • Single sign on to reduce the number of passwords required
  • Full device lock-down
  • Role-based administration
  • Customizable user interface
  • Windows patch management and security center detection

Benefits of Using ThinKiosk

How does using ThinKiosk benefit organizations? In several ways:

  • IT administrators save hours each day by automating tedious manual tasks, cutting deployment times, and drastically reducing reimage time from days and weeks to minutes and hours.
  • It provides users with a highly secure, intuitive user interface with a familiar Windows look and feel.
  • Employees can work from anywhere, but will be unable to access anything outside of their designated work resources, all fully managed by IT.
  • Organizations can reuse existing devices, avoiding the need to purchase new, costly endpoints. This helps reduce VDI project costs by extending the lifespan of aging hardware and optimizing the existing infrastructure.
  • ThinKiosk provides a single pane of glass for IT teams to manage all thin client devices, ensuring they are up to date, secure, and compliant.
  • The software is simple to deploy and requires little infrastructure. There is no need to change existing processes or boot from USB sticks or dual-booting devices.
  • BPO and contact center IT teams can finally transform from a cost center to a profit center.

What do all these benefits translate to? A boost in ROI through reduced maintenance costs, fast deployment, centralized support, and a device lifespan increase of up to five years. BPOs and contact centers can pass along these cost reductions to customers to become more competitive.


If you are looking for an end to costly device procurement that lowers manual labor, saves time and money, and scales faster, ThinKiosk is the solution for you. It is a game-changing product that you can use to automate device imaging, ship devices faster, and smash the ramp-up!

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