What WVD support will mean for ThinKiosk & Secure Remote Worker

Greetings all from ThinScale! With September coming to a close we can finally wave Summer goodbye.  Though sad to see it go, there are plenty of things still to look forward to in the next few months: Halloween (spooky), Thanksgiving (if you are in North America), Black Friday (if you’re insane), and of course, our most anticipated event…*drumroll* Windows Virtual Desktop hitting GA…

It’s an interesting time to be looking at the virtual desktop space: Microsoft bringing their Azure-based DaaS offering to market is turning a few heads, including our own. We have been facilitating DaaS solutions for many customers with our thin client software, through Amazon, VMware and Citrix; and we are proud to announce that we will also be fully supporting Microsoft’s WVD when it launches!

We have created a new connector specifically for WVD and are integrating this connection and its options right into our VDI connectors tab, alongside existing connection options for Citrix Storefront, VMware Horizon and Microsoft RDS.

WVD connector


With this update, our solutions will continue to offer the same secure and easily managed endpoint experience for your users to access their virtual environment, but now with seamless integration with the new Windows Virtual Desktop platform.

See the video below for a quick showcase of ThinKiosk making the connection to WVD

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We are very excited to be announcing this support for WVD in our thin client software, along with other features coming soon that we’re sure you’ll love! Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more information!

In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with any questions on our upcoming releases here.

In preparation for this release, why not try our current solutions? It won’t include the WVD support (as its not out…yet) but it’ll give you a great idea of how our software can fit into your environment. You can download a free trial below!


Feel free to read more about ThinKiosk and Secure Remote Worker.

Want to see more Windows Virtual Desktop in action on our software? Watch below!


Ready to see it in action?