Automating the ThinScale Management Platform

Automating administrative tasks within the ThinScale Management Platform is a feature that many of our customers have requested and we are now pleased to announce that we have made available the first release of our automation PowerShell Module in the ThinScale Management Platform.

Previously any changes to the configuration of the Management Platform had to made using the ThinScale Management Console, but now with the introduction of the automation module, actions can also be scripted in PowerShell.

This opens up lots of new possibilities as you are not bound by the functions included in the console but by the available functions in the PowerShell module.

For example, if you want to move any device that hasn’t been online for a number of months and then later remove that device from the system completely, this can now easily be achieved with a simple PowerShell script.

With this initial release of the module we have focused on the device-based actions. These include the ability to:

  • Retrieve all console data (devices, profile, folders etc)
  • Move devices from one folder to another
  • Add folders
  • Add devices
  • Rename objects
  • Delete objects
  • Assign / Un-assign profiles and software packages
  • Invoke device actions (refresh, reboot, shutdown etc)
  • Retrieve the management audit log

Over the coming releases we will be adding to the module including more and more of the tasks commonly performed using the Management Console.

Details on how to install the module and where to find example scripts can be found here

Happy scripting!

The ThinScale Team

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