4 Proven Ways CX Providers Can Speed Up the Sale-to-Seat Process

How can a company get its committed agents up and running smoothly and quickly to ensure customer expectations are met?

1. Reduce workspace deployment time

In remote working environments, downtime caused by delays in deployment inevitably leads to employee attrition, specifically day-one attrition in new hires. Companies have stated that they lose 4 out of 5 new hires before day-one of training. This makes it much more difficult to maintain headcount numbers and provide the adequate staff needed for customers. This is why reducing the deployment time of workspaces and resources wherever possible can only help. This also includes time consumed in re-deployment operations (like re-imaging endpoints), CX providers can save a lot of time avoiding redeployment on their endpoints.

2. Reduce Agent onboarding time

With complex onboarding the agent often experiences both delays and frustration during the process of setting up their device. We have seen a massive drop in attrition rates (79%) when agents are given a simpler and faster method of onboarding. The ideal scenario is where the agent gets their device as soon as possible and needs little to no setup remotely. Rather the agent simply needs to login, at most perform some first-time validation, then be able to work right away.

3. Eliminate logistics delays wherever possible

A key component in attrition is the amount of downtime new hires can experience when waiting on hardware to arrive. Before the postal crisis, we saw an average of 2 days delivery time to employees within the same country. This downtime also slows down the scaling of operations, especially during the busier periods of the winter season for CX providers. Employers have many options to choose from when it comes to reducing these logistical delays. However, the most effective method is by implementing a BYOD model. 

4. Facilitate agents working for multiple customers

A key requirement that ThinScale has seen from its customers in the CX industry is the ability for agents to work for multiple organizations and departments using the same device. This allows CX providers to organize their workforce to cater to their customer demands easier, leveraging their existing workforce to meet new customer’s requirements wherever possible. Agents should be able to work for multiple customers throughout the day, ideally without the employer needing to invest heavily into excess hardware.

How ThinScale helps speed up the sale-to-seat process

Reduction or flat-out elimination of logistics delays

ThinScale allows organizations to reduce or outright eliminate logistical delays. Either by securing and extending the device life of existing hardware, eliminating the need to purchase new hardware; or through secure BYOD where the devices are already at the employee’s location, removing the need to send hardware. While having obvious cost benefits, this also brings substantial reductions in downtime, further improving attrition rates, as well as an overall increase in the customer service standard, as employees are available much sooner to begin their work (sale-to-seat time reduced!)

Fast and flexible deployment of IT-curated workspaces and expedited agent onboarding

ThinScale’s software-defined solutions can be deployed on any Windows X64 device and provide IT with a fast and easy method of deploying workspaces and resources centrally. With ThinScale, IT departments can deploy and update policies and profiles for their remote or on-premises environment with a few clicks, removing the need to re-image machines. ThinScale can even expedite onboarding thanks to its Validation Tool, allowing IT teams to remotely vet corporate and employee-owned machines before beginning the hiring process.

User-based profile assignment allowing agents to have separate logins with bespoke environments for multiple customers

ThinScale allows IT to provide multiple profiles and environments for their employees to work in, even allowing for separate credentials to access separate secure workspaces on the same device. Meaning a CX provider can allow their agents to work securely for multiple customers, with no risk of cross-contamination of data. All a user needs to have is their relevant credentials for each customer and they will be brought to their bespoke working environment for that customer.


ThinScale has seen four methods of increasing the speed of the sale-to-seat process. All are related to decreasing inefficiencies in IT processes, reducing logistics, and better allocation of agents to customer needs. Our solutions have been built to do exactly this while also making IT management easier, all while providing a secure and PCI-compliant endpoint experience.

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