Laptops as Thin Clients

At the heart of any mobile solution is the device, and in this particular case, we are talking about mobile type devices. Typically a mobile based thin client is only useful when you have a network or internet connection. Without a connection, a mobile thin client is pretty much useless, and cannot really be used in a productive way.

With ThinKiosk this lack of productivity issue is eliminated, by allowing Windows-based laptops to operate as thin client devices without affecting the underlying device environment, meaning that when there is no connection, end users just use their local OS and apps as they would normally.

Enabling Security on the Move

One of the main concerns with end users being mobile and working outside of the secure office environment is the risk to the security of applications and data, and whether the end user is connecting from a secure device and location.

With ThinKiosk, organizations can feel rest assured that their end users are connecting securely to corporate systems, data, and services by accessing them from a secure workspace environment on their laptop. This workspace, as well as delivering an intuitive user interface, is also managed by IT admins to ensure security and compliance.

The Secure Remote Worker feature takes this to the next level and allows IT to deliver a separate, secure, and managed workspace from where end users can connect to their remote environments.

Launch & Connect on the Run

As ThinKiosk is a Windows-based software defined thin client solution, it runs as an application on existing devices without the need to dual-boot, or boot from external USB drives.

This means it’s simple to run when end users are mobile, and allows them to securely connect back to their remote environments.

Why Organizations Choose ThinKiosk

ThinKiosk converts existing Windows-based mobile device, into secure, centrally managed ThinKiosk software defined thin clients, saving costs in procurement and deployment of devices by allowing organizations the freedom to choose the end user device, whether that’s a Windows laptop or tablet, or a PC at home.

This enables end users the freedom to work from wherever they want to, without IT having to worry about the device they are using or from where they are connecting from.

ThinKiosk Licensing Info

ThinKiosk is available three different editions, Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Enterprise Plus Edition. Each edition offers a range of different features and benefits.

Download ThinKiosk Trial

The ThinKiosk evaluation license entitles you to a free, fully featured and supported, 30-day trial of ThinKiosk Enterprise Plus Edition.

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