Secure Remote Worker Key Features

Secure Remote Worker enables end users to use their personally owned Windows devices to connect to corporate resources by locking down the device and delivering a secure, compliant workspace environment.

Magic Filter

ThinKiosk Magic Filter is a dynamic key press pass-through feature that traps the local Ctrl + Alt + Del and Windows + L keystrokes and as the end user does not have access to the underlying device OS, passes them directly to the remote desktop or application environment.

Configure local settings

Although the operating system is locked down, end users can access local configuration settings within their secure workspace environment. This allows them to configure display settings, keyboard settings, and the ability to connect to different wireless networks.

Published & Local Application Support

Secure Remote Worker enables end users to have access to their locally installed applications, remote applications, and remote desktop resources (both published and full virtual desktops) directly from their ThinKiosk Secure Workspace, and all governed by centrally managed policies when it comes to which users can have access to which resources.

Simplified Access to Remote Resources

Secure Remote Worker integrates seamlessly into your remote desktop and application environments. It enables end users to quickly connect and launch virtual and published desktops or applications. Configuration files for connecting are integrated directly into Secure Remote Worker and accessed from the secure workspace environment.

Integrated, Tabbed, Secure Browsing

Secure Remote Worker has its own integrated secure web browser, complete with a fully customizable user interface, that allows users to securely browse internal or external internet sites based on the configured policy.

Location Awareness

Secure Remote Worker is fully location aware, meaning that it’s contextually aware when it comes to the different and varied locations from which an end user could be connecting from. This feature enables truly mobile working.

Role-Based Admin

This allows the IT department to delegate different administrative tasks to different people, teams, or departments within the organization. Permissions can be configured granularly to allow a specific admin to be able to just view an environment, or have full control over an environment.

Simplified Support & Management

Once deployed, Secure Remote Worker allows the IT department to not only manage and update the secure workspace environment and the software running on it, but to also provide remote support to the end users without the need of a desk-side engineer visit.

Scalable Enterprise Architecture

Secure Remote Worker can scale manage thousands of secure workspace environments, all controlled from a centralized management platform. The ThinScale Management Server is designed to support a distributed client environment, allowing you to manage the users' environments regardless of location.

Hardware Compatibility

Using existing Windows-based devices and running Secure Remote Worker as an application eliminates hardware compatibility issues. It means that IT need not worry about what make and model device the end user chooses to use, however they can still test compatability using the Endpoint Validation Tool.

Multiple Profile Assignment

Secure Remote Worker allows users to choose between multiple provided profiles upon launch. Admins simply have to deploy the different profiles to the end-users device folder.

Write Filter

Secure Remote Worker allows users to set a configurable write filter to be active during the secure session. The write filter redirects any writes to the drive to a temporary virtual overlay that is destroyed upon ending the secure session.