Enhancing End User Productivity with BYOD Initiatives

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), sometimes also referred to as Bring Your Own Personal Computer (BYOPC) initiatives are on the increase due to their ability to enhance and extend end user productivity. These initiatives allows corporate employees to bring their personally owned devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones, into the corporate working environment to be used to connect to corporate system and access data and remote environments.

Deploying a BYOD type working policy has many advantages, especially when an organization has a remote desktop or remote application solution in place. For one, an organization can reduce the capital expenditure costs of having to purchase devices for each of its users, as well as giving the users the freedom to choose the device that best suits their individual requirements.

How Secure Remote Worker delivers security and compliance

One issue to overcome with deploying BYOD policies is how the IT department ensures that the device is secure and isn’t going to compromise data security? From the users perspective, they won’t want the IT teams to take control of their personal device, and manage their personal content by installing intrusive agents or other MDM type solutions.

Secure Remote Worker delivers a secure, policy driven, segregated environment on Windows-based devices. It allows end users to switch between their personal environment and their corporate environment. It’s a simple case of launching Secure Remote Worker, whereupon it locks down the underlying device and delivers a secure workspace UI in its place.

This level of security has helped organizations meet there PCI and HIPPA compliance for delivering BYOD and work at home.

Delivering BYOD with Secure Remote Worker

Secure Remote Worker is the only Windows-based software solution available today that allows users to seamlessly switch between environments to securely connect to their remote corporate environments without having to dual-boot, or boot their PC from an external USB device. Enabling end users to ‘bring’ their own Windows PC’s into the workplace empowers organizations to move to, and deliver, BYOD working initiatives.

Secure Remote Worker moves this to the next level, giving end users an enhanced, yet simplified user interface to launch apps from. At the same time IT can confidently allow access to corporate remote environments, knowing that the devices being used are running within a secure, locked-down environment.

Delivering Secure Working Environments for BYOD

Secure Remote Worker enables organizations to deliver BYOD working initiatives by providing a solution that delivers a secure workspace from where end users can access corporate systems and data.

Download the white paper to find out more about the benefits and advanced feature set to see how you can deliver BYOD to your organization.

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Secure Remote Worker Licensing

Secure Remote Worker is licensed on a per device subscription model. The ThinScale Management Platform and the End Point Validation Tool are included free of charge with the licence.

Secure Remote Worker Eval

The Secure Remote Worker evaluation license entitles you to a free, fully featured and supported, 30-day trial of Secure Remote Worker Enterprise Edition.

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