ThinKiosk - Software defined Windows Thin Clients

A software-only solution that repurposes existing Windows devices into secure, fully-featured, centrally managed Windows thin clients.

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Key Benefits

  • Repurpose existing hardware
  • Familiar Windows interface
  • Centralized management
  • Maximise your VDI investment
  • Support for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft

Secure Remote Worker - Secure connectivity from a personal Windows device

A software-only solution that turns a personal Windows device into a secure software defined thin client enabling secure remote access and BYOD.

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Key Benefits

  • Connect from Personal Devices
  • PCI Compliance
  • End Point Validation
  • Easy Deployment
  • Remove logistical complexities

IntelliPerform - Powering the optimization of desktop performance

A software optimization solution that maximizes the performance of desktop infrastructure resources.

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Key Benefits

  • CPU Optimization
  • Memory Optimization
  • Advanced rules-based engine
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Centralized management

Secure Remote Worker

Secure Remote Worker is a software-only solution that is installed and runs on the user's personal Windows device, delivering a secure workspace environment for remote access and work at home.


Secure Work at Home

Secure Remote Worker temporarily locks down the personal device, providing secure BYOD. Enabling work at home users to securely connect to a corporate environment to access apps and desktops.

Simplified User Onboarding

Eliminate logistical problems associated with work at home. As Secure Remote Worker is a software-only solution, users simply use their personal device, download the app, launch it and switch to 'worker mode'.

Control and Supportability

IT admins can manage the secure workspace remotely, update or configure security policies on the fly and validate the device prior to onboarding with no need for desk side visits.

Key Features



Locks Down the Personal Device

In 'worker mode', Secure Remote Worker launches a temporary, secure workspace that completely locks the user out from their underlying OS.

Endpoint Validation Tool

Endpoint Validation Tool

Inspect the personal device during hiring and prior to onboarding to determine whether the device meets your requirements. Any remediation can be done before granting access.

Windows Patch Management

Windows Patch Management

The Windows Patch Management feature within Secure Remote Worker ensures the user's personal device meets required patching standards and policies before allowing them to connect.

USB Device Blocking

USB Device Blocking

USB devices are often seen as one of the main causes of security breaches and data leakage within an organization. Secure Remote Worker blocks mass storage devices but allows peripherals such as keyboards, headsets, etc.

Single Click Installer

Single Click Installer

Onboard your users into their secure environments quickly with little to no intervention from IT by providing them with a link to install Secure Remote Worker.

Write Filter

Write Filter

Prevent data leakage on personal devices. The Write Filter prevents any data on the secure session from being saved or moved to the personal device.


"The big thing for us has been how do we enforce compliance and how do we check endpoint protection? As we are doing BYOD, we want to make sure we are installing Secure Remote Worker as our key security enforcement".

Dev Mudaliar, Global CIO, Teleperformance

Key Benefits

Connect from Personal Devices

Temporarily turn a personal device into a secure, locked-down corporate device for work at home without needing to reboot, dual-boot, or boot from an external USB drive.

Security and Compliance

A set of device protection features ensure users' personal devices meet required security policies and key compliance standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA and GDPR.

Simple & Rapid Deployment

As Secure Remote Worker is a software-only solution, there is no hardware shipping involved. Users simply download the app, launch it and are up and running in minutes.

Centralized Management

IT admins can centrally manage, configure, and update the devices using the ThinScale Management Platform.

Secure Remote Worker for BPOs

Secure Remote Worker addresses the challenges faced by BPO organizations today such as security and compliance, scalability, supportability, cost and logistics to name a few.

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Find out how to secure personal devices for work at home in this datasheet.

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How Secure Remote Worker Works

When Secure Remote Worker is launched on the user's personal Windows device, the user is temporarily placed in a secure workspace session where lockdown policies are applied and access to the underlying operating system is removed.

Once the user exits Secure Remote Worker, lockdown policies are removed and access to the underlying OS is restored.


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Secure Remote Worker Use Cases

Deliver multiple business benefits by easily, efficiently, and securely enabling work at home programs and BYOD 'Bring Your Own Device' initiatives.