Irish remote working software firm signs major deal with US BPO services giant


ThinScale Technology solutions will provide security and flexibility to thousands of  iQor staff as business process outsourcing provider further evolves its work-at-home program

IRELAND — Leading Irish software company ThinScale Technology has today announced a major new partnership with US-based iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled business process outsourcing. ThinScale is set to provide its secure work-at-home (WAH) solutions for personal computing devices to thousands of iQor’s staff, allowing the company to scale its virtual workforce capabilities across its locations in North America, Europe and Asia. Dublin-based ThinScale Technology specialises in secure remote working software and optimising virtual work environments, allowing staff to access their Windows work desktop securely from anywhere.

As a software solution provider which helps organisations implement work from home programmes and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solutions, ThinScale Technology secures the endpoints of some of the world’s biggest brands in over 70 countries, and was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2013.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, working at home has swiftly become the norm for millions of people. This new partnership will see ThinScale products deployed across Florida-based iQor’s entire remote work infrastructure, allowing agents within its domestic and off-shore programs to use their own personal computing equipment safely and securely. A large segment of iQor’s work-at-home workforce now utilizes a scalable BYOD solution, including ThinScale’s Secure Remote Worker application , which offers the same level of security and control as users would have if they were on premises.

In addition, ThinScale’s platform brings flexibility to recruiting and staffing and speeds up the hiring process when remote agents are needed to meet call volume spikes. Under Marcelo Perodi, iQor’s IT administrators manage the secure workspace remotely and can validate the device prior to onboarding new agents, which reduces the process from hours to minutes with just a few clicks.

The National Remote Working Survey 2020 revealed that 24% of employers currently run a hybrid workforce, while 95% of respondents aim to continue working remotely post-COVID. Meanwhile, the Amarach trade union states that working at home increases productivity. Ireland currently has one of the highest remote work rates in the EU at 40%, compared with the EU average of 34%.

Commenting on the successful implementation of the platform, Brendan Kiely, ThinScale Technology CEO and Co-founder, said: 

“We are delighted to provide iQor with ThinScale’s Secure Remote Worker. Now that we are in a ‘Never Normal’ business environment all companies need secure and flexible solutions to support their operations. ThinScale Technology was able to understand iQor’s main needs and cater the solution to meet them and make sure they get the best platform for their staff. Working from home and hybrid working is here to stay and at ThinScale Technology we will continue to work with companies like iQor helping them to refine their business operations ensuring they can deliver for their customers and staff in this new volatile environment.

Commenting on the impact of the new major solution on iQor’s operations, Tarn Shant, Senior Vice President of IT at iQor, said:

“When COVID-19 began impacting our clients and operations, we sought a work-at-home solution that would balance our scalability demands with robust security measures without compromising the superior service we are known to provide. ThinScale enables us to scale our BYOD solution rapidly and while we simultaneously manage virtual work streams remotely. From an operations standpoint, the only thing that has changed is the location of the agent. Quality assurance, performance metrics, coaching and security measures all remain the same with the goal of creating positive experiences and high-quality customer interactions.”

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About ThinScale Technology:

ThinScale Technology specializes in remote and hybrid endpoint software security solutions ensuring companies have the flexibility to deliver for their employees and customers in this ‘never normal’ world. Through ThinScale, employees can securely access their work applications whether its from their own machine (BYOD) or from a company provided machine. Companies have the comfort of providing access to the resources required to deliver for their customers with enhanced security delivered in minutes. ThinScale Technology is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with remote teams throughout the world serving some of the worlds biggest brands with users in over 70 countries. Follow them on twitter @thinscale or for more information visit

About iQor:

iQor is a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions. With 35,000 employees in 9 countries, we partner with many of the world’s best-known brands to deliver aftermarket product and customer support solutions that span the consumer value chain, from customer care and receivables management to product diagnostics and repair services. Our award-winning technology, logistics, and analytics platforms enable us to measure, monitor, and analyze brand interactions, improve business processes, and find operational efficiencies that lead to superior outcomes for our partners across the customer and product life cycles. For more information, please visit or

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