Introducing IntelliPerform

IntelliPerform is not just the new name for ThreadLocker, it’s an enterprise-class solution that now includes an advanced rules engine for optimizing and managing system CPU and memory.

Intelligent Performance with “IntelliPerform”

Let me introduce you to the latest member of the ThinScale family, IntelliPerform. IntelliPerform incorporates our CPU performance product ThreadLocker, as well as new features for memory optimization providing intelligent performance for your desktop infrastructure resources. It also allows us, in the future, to add even more features that will allow you to optimize and manage other desktop infrastructure components. It looks like 2019 is already gearing up to be another exciting and innovative year here at ThinScale.

What is IntelliPerform?

So, what does IntelliPerform deliver? At a high-level IntelliPerform delivers against three key areas outlined below:

  • Intelligent resource management and optimization
  • Centralized management and reporting for desktop infrastructure resources
  • Enhanced end user experience

The IntelliPerform solution enables IT teams to intelligently manage and optimize the available desktop infrastructure resources, enabling those resources to be delivered in a more targeted way and preventing resource hungry apps to take more resource than is required, or available. Deploying IntelliPerform will result in an enhanced end user experience while keeping costs to a minimum by delivering better utilization from your existing desktop infrastructure resources. The perfect balance between cost versus performance. In the ThinScale world you can have both.

Why? Because delivering a system to your end users that is running in a fully-optimized state using the resources available more intelligently helps saves costs in expensive hardware. At the same time it ensures end users remain productive.

Another feature is that by monitoring resource usage, IT can now report on who is using what, even to the level where they can not only guarantee resource to specific departments, but to also cross charge them. This is a must-have feature if you deliver any form of computing as a service.

How does it do it?

IntelliPerform consists of a centralized configuration management platform coupled with an advanced rules engine, that enables IT to configure rules that manage and optimize desktop infrastructure resources. Each rule can be applied either on a Per Process, Per Session or System Wide basis, and can be targeted at users, groups, or a specific process, delivering a granular way of managing resources.

IntelliPerform Features

IntelliPerform enables intelligent and dynamic management and optimization of key desktop infrastructure resources.

IntelliPerform CPU Resource Optimization features

In terms of the CPU configuration there are several different configuration options or sub-features:

  • CPU Core Selection – Allows you to assign specific processes to certain CPU cores. This means that the process can only consume a certain amount of CPU, basically just what it’s allocated. The benefit is that you can allocate a resource intensive process to have its own dedicated CPU or CPU core. This leaves the rest of the CPU resources free for all the other processes allowing them to run without hitting performance issues.
  • Max CPU Usage – This feature allows you to assign a maximum amount of CPU that a process can consume at any given time. It basically sets a maximum threshold that the process cannot go over and prevents it from taking all the available CPU resources and preventing other processes from running correctly.
  • CPU Priority – Allows you to set the priority level of a specific process so that the OS knows which processes it needs to prioritize when CPU becomes constrained.

IntelliPerform Memory Resource Optimization features

In terms of the memory optimization configuration there are several different configuration options or sub-features:

  • Flush Working Set – This feature will force the OS to free up the memory being used by a process, therefore making it available for use by other running processes. An OS is typically not good at freeing up or releasing memory resources, so this feature is particularly useful.
  • Maximum Working Set Size – This allows you to configure the maximum amount of memory a process can have in physical RAM at any one time. It prevents a process taking too much.
  • Working Set Reduction – This feature allows you to reduce the amount of memory that a process can have in physical RAM based on its current memory usage levels.
  • Memory Priority – With this feature you can set the priority level of a process allowing its memory allocations to have more or less priority over other processes running on the system.

Find out more

To see how IntelliPerform can help control your misbehaving, resource consuming applications, visit the IntelliPerform product and solution pages on our web site, or request a trial license to install and test the solution for yourself in your own environment.

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