Embracing Remote Work and Ensuring Data Security: An interview with Billy West, VP of IT at Working Solutions 

ThinScale provides data security and helped Working Solutions embrace remote work

We had the pleasure of speaking with Billy West, Vice President of IT at Working Solutions, a leading on-demand Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company.  

Working Solutions has been a pioneer in adopting remote work long before it became a widespread trend, and their partnership with ThinScale has played a critical role in ensuring data security and operational efficiency. 

Pioneering Remote Work 

Working Solutions’ journey into remote work began over 27 years ago when their founder, Kim Houlne, recognized the untapped potential of a skilled talent pool seeking work-from-home opportunities.  

What initially started as a project soon evolved into a thriving business model, providing high-end, onshore customer service through remote agents. This early adoption of remote work laid a solid foundation for Working Solutions’ continued success in the industry. 

The Challenge: Meeting Soaring Demand During Turbulent Times 

The outbreak of COVID-19 posed significant challenges to businesses worldwide, and the airline industry was no exception. As air travel was severely affected, airline companies faced a surge in customer inquiries and challenges in managing their operations. One such airline approached Working Solutions for urgent assistance during the holiday season. 

The Impressive Response: How Working Solutions Rose to the Challenge 

Billy West shared an impressive case study that highlighted the importance of ThinScale in Working Solutions’ ability to meet this airline’s soaring demand.  

On New Year’s Day, the airline reached out to Working Solutions, seeking immediate help with managing over 250,000 customer cases. The deadline was tight, leaving only five business days to resolve the overwhelming volume of inquiries. 

With ThinScale’s support, Working Solutions swiftly deployed over 1000 remote professionals, fondly referred to as “Pros,” who seamlessly answered and resolved the flood of customer inquiries. ThinScale’s BYOD security software played a vital role in this success, allowing Working Solutions to scale their workforce rapidly and safely. 

The Importance of ThinScale in Ensuring Data Security 

As an industry leader in onshore customer service, Working Solutions holds data security and integrity as a top priority. ThinScale’s solutions play a crucial role in maintaining a secure, compliant, and consistent environment for the remote agents. With ThinScale’s device analytics, Working Solutions can monitor network performance, identify latency issues, and ensure that agents’ endpoints met the necessary security requirements. 

Moreover, ThinScale’s stringent security measures, such as preventing data storage, printing, and unauthorized access to local devices, provide additional layers of protection. 

A Winning Combination: Working Solutions and ThinScale 

Working Solutions’ remarkable case study with the airline serves as a testament to the transformative power of remote work, secured by ThinScale. This partnership ensures a seamless and secure remote work environment, enabling businesses to adapt to changing demands swiftly and efficiently. 

With Working Solutions’ visionary approach and ThinScale’s cutting-edge solutions, the future of remote work looks promising, offering a path to operational excellence and data security for businesses across various industries.  

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