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With the rise of hybrid workforces, shared desktop environments are becoming increasingly popular.

This brings IT challenges around device management and security, as well as ensuring that each employee has the correct desktop image when they log in.

Reduce the complexity of shared desktops, with a consistent UX for each employee on any endpoint.

Secure and agile shared desktops

Secure workspaces that travel with the individual user and are delivered upon log-in

User settings, permissions, and even applications are all dictated by authentication credentials

Enables users to securely use both on-premise devices and personal devices as required

Delivers a unified, consistent workspace based on line of business requirements

How does ThinScale simplify shared desktops?

ThinScale enables IT teams to deliver personalized workspaces to any on-premises device based on the user’s credentials.

Workspaces travel with the user,  not the device. This means employees can have their personalized desktop image on any device.

ThinScale’s encrypted data storage and other data loss prevention features eliminate risk of cross-contamination on the same device.

IT teams only need to assign a secure workspace profile to a user’s authentication credentials. ThinScale takes care of the delivery.
Reduce hardware expenditure by converting existing devices into thin clients, suitable for delivering shared desktops.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about how we simplify shared desktops

Yes, ThinScale is designed to do exactly this. The secure environment is attached to the user credentials, so when the end-user logs onto the corporate shared desktop, that end-user’s bespoke secure environment is retrieved and presented. Secure environments can securely present anything from VDI / DaaS access to legacy applications depending on IT policy.

Yes, so long as the device they are using while working from home is secured with ThinScale then the profile attached to their credentials will work the same way as on premises. The user will experience no change in their workspace, and the workspace will be just as secure.

Using ThinScale’s user-based profile assignment, an employee can have multiple logins and credentials depending on the customer they are working with. In the same way that there is complete separation between employees on a shared desktop, there is complete separation between specific customer environments on a single device.

Achieve so much more with ThinScale

Secure access to VDI / DaaS
Virtual desktops are vulnerable to threats on the endpoint itself like keyloggers and screen-scrapers. We make them secure.
Unified endpoint management
Configure and manage your entire estate from a single pane of glass, push patches and updates when available, and more.
Device analytics
Get real-time data on key performance metrics to identify and resolve device issues faster than ever, especially for a WFH/hybrid workforce.
Thin client conversion
Increase device lifespan and reduce virtual workspace deployment costs with our thin client conversion software.

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