BYOD Device Vetting

IT teams understand the challenge of assessing the suitability and security of candidates’ devices for BYOD deployments.

It’s best to have an understanding of hardware compatibility as early as possible, ideally before they’ve been hired or even invited to an interview.

Eliminate time spent getting device information and troubleshooting issues before candidates are hired.

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How does the BYOD device vetting solution work?

ThinScale’s Validation Tool is configured by your IT team and is deployed to candidates via a link, which can be hosted anywhere or sent directly.

Once the Validation Tool is started it will immediately begin scanning the device. Name confirmation or PIN / password data fields are optional.

The Validation Tool checks the endpoint based on pre-configured IT policy and reports findings back to the IT team.
As part of the process, candidates that fail a particular check can be given links to how-to guides, allowing them to troubleshoot without IT help.

The validation tool can check everything from the security posture of the device to the candidate’s home network speed.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about our BYOD device vetting solution

ThinScale’s Validation tool can be used on any Windows-based x86 device. It can scan any machine whether trusted or untrusted.
It allows HR and talent acquisition teams to focus their BYOD hiring efforts on candidates that have suitable devices. When it comes to onboarding, much less IT time is required as most of the device troubleshooting is done by the hire themselves at a much earlier stage.
Yes, the product is called the Validation Tool and available as a standalone license. The information it feeds back will require the ThinScale Management Platform in order to view, but this is included in the price.
No. The Validation Tool is an executable that is run on the machine, but it installs nothing extra. Once the scan is done the executable can be removed by your IT team immediately.
It can vary depending on the device, but typically it only takes 2-3 minutes before the scan is completely finished and device information is sent back to your IT team.

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