ThinKiosk - Software defined Windows Thin Clients

A software-only solution that repurposes existing Windows devices into secure, fully-featured, centrally managed Windows thin clients.

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Key Benefits

  • Repurpose existing hardware
  • Familiar Windows interface
  • Centralized management
  • Maximise your VDI investment
  • Support for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft

Secure Remote Worker - Secure connectivity from a personal Windows device

A software-only solution that turns a personal Windows device into a secure software defined thin client enabling secure remote access and BYOD.

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Key Benefits

  • Connect from Personal Devices
  • PCI Compliance
  • End Point Validation
  • Easy Deployment
  • Remove logistical complexities

IntelliPerform - Powering the optimization of desktop performance

A software optimization solution that maximizes the performance of desktop infrastructure resources.

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Key Benefits

  • CPU Optimization
  • Memory Optimization
  • Advanced rules-based engine
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Centralized management

What is Desktop as a Service?

Desktop as a Service is VDI hosted by a 3rd party. It is largely seen as more affordable than the archetypical VDI, which is seen as a costly solution to implement due to the infrastructure that is required, such as vendor licensing and endpoint costs. These rising costs are often enough for companies to decide not to virtualize their desktop environments. In this context, we’re able to see how DaaS is taking off as an attractive alternative.

ThinKiosk further simplifies and accelerates DaaS deployments by allowing you to convert existing devices into secure, centrally managed thin clients. From Amazon Workspaces to Microsoft's recent Windows Virtual Desktop, ThinKiosk will provide secure access to any virtual desktop at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than traditional thin clients. Read on to find out more.

What is Desktop as a Service?

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership

By choosing to go with a DaaS environment, you will already be saving time and money in infrastructure deployment and management costs. With the addition of ThinKiosk, you will further reduce your device hardware costs, while simplifying and streamlining your deployment at the same time.

By using existing devices, IT teams can simply deploy ThinKiosk using their standard deployment tools. IT can also allow remote workers or those that use their own devices, to simply download the ThinKiosk software and connect to their hosted desktop service. This means reducing investment in new hardware and extending the lifespan of existing hardware, thereby increasing your overall ROI and reducing your total cost of ownership.

Operational and logistical costs such as support or helpdesk costs are also reduced. With fewer interruptions to end-users and quicker end-user adoption, it also means less impact on the business.

Quick and Easy Deployment

ThinKiosk is a software-defined solution that repurposes existing Windows hardware into Windows-based thin clients. There’s no need to wait for hardware to arrive or to write and apply policies and exceptions for specific users because all policies, user profiles, and extra software can be deployed centrally with the ThinScale Management Console.

ThinKiosk delivers end users a familiar look and feel, but more importantly, a secure workspace interface from where they can access corporate systems and data extremely quickly. This all helps to enable quick and easy deployment of your DaaS environment.

Perfect for Complex Use Cases

ThinKiosk has established itself as a secure, lightweight and versatile thin client alternative that can accommodate any use case, from simply acting as a secure connection to a VDI to facilitating multiple brokers and multiple applications as a full, scalable Enterprise solution.

ThinKiosk is vendor agnostic, allowing it to be used with any remote environment. It is also not tied to any specific hardware​ vendor, avoiding vendor lock-in and allowing for deployment to different vendors’ hardware.

It is very flexible working with both remote and local apps.

ThinKiosk software-defined thin clients run on existing Windows devices as an application without overwriting them, without needing to dual-boot, or booting from an external USB device.

Simplifed and Quick End User Onboarding

By installing ThinKiosk on your endpoints, you can enable the deployment of a software-based thin client solution to your endpoint devices that are already configured. There is no need to worry about deploying new devices or how end users will connect.

All the end-user needs to do is log on and start using their desktop service. As ThinKiosk is Windows-based, it delivers a familiar user interface to the end-user, regardless of where they connect from. Overall this means easier and faster end-user onboarding and deployment, with the ability to scale quickly with fewer requirements for end-user support.

Endpoint Control and Security

One area disputed about DaaS environments is the reduced control of your infrastructure and experience. With ThinKiosk and the ThinScale Management Platform, you have absolute control over your endpoints.

End users launch their desktops from the secure ThinKiosk interface. The platform is multi-tenanted and provides the same management interface across all devices to control the secure workspace delivered by ThinKiosk. This also results in being able to deliver centralized support to your users.

ThinKiosk offers multiple security controls and has been tested by security experts for helping companies achieve GDPR, PCI and HIPPA compliance.

ThinKiosk for Desktop as a Service

Accelerating and securing your DaaS deployment with ThinKiosk

Watch our webinar to find out how about how ThinKiosk can help you achieve a successful DaaS deployment with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop.

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“We tested several products based on various criteria including, cost, ease of implementation, central management capability and user-friendliness to name but a few. Based on our criteria, ThinKiosk scored the highest in all categories.”

Dermot Hanley, IT Manager Infrastructure and Operations, The Irish Times

Accelerating and securing your DaaS deployment with ThinKiosk
Accelerating and securing your DaaS deployment with ThinKiosk


If you’re planning a DaaS project or are currently in the middle of one, read our whitepaper to learn how ThinKiosk can help reduce your costs, simplify deployment and contribute to a successful DaaS deployment.


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