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Secure Remote Worker affords end users the flexibility to work remotely, work from home, or use their own Windows devices, all while allowing IT to maintain corporate security and compliance.

Remote & Home Working

Secure Remote Worker enables an organization to allow end users to work remotely, work from home, or to use their personally owned Windows devices. When enabled, Secure Remote Worker places the device into “worker” mode, locking down the device, and preventing access to the underlying operating system. The end user is presented with a secure workspace user interface, with the familiar Windows look and feel they are used to. When Secure Remote Worker is disabled, all device restrictions are lifted and the end user has full control of their local device once again. This allows a simple yet secure and compliant environment from which end users can access their remote resources, using non-corporate devices, and from any location.

Remote & Home Working


Secure Remote Worker enables end users to use their personally owned (BYOD) Windows devices. With Secure Remote Worker, IT can ensure they can deliver a secure, policy driven, segregated environment on the end users device, without the need for MDM solutions. End users can simply switch between their personal environment and their corporate environment, securely, and all without the need to reboot, dual-boot, or boot from an external USB device.


Business Continuity

Business continuity combines the ability of remote working, home working, and BYOD, all delivered with Secure Remote Worker. This approach enables end users to continue working regardless of their location or device allowing organizations to remain productive should end users be prevented from getting into the office. As Secure Remote Worker runs as an application on their device, Secure Remote Worker is easily deployed and doesn't wipe their device, enabling local apps to be accessible too, unlike other thin client devices that rely on being always connected.

Business Continuity

Secure Remote Worker enables end users to work securely when away from the corporate environment. Not only that, end users can utilize their personally owned Windows devices delivering cost savings in procurement and deployment of devices, as well as the ongoing management. Not only that, it adds an unparalleled set of security features to protect end users and corporates alike.

With Secure Remote Worker you can…

  • Enable mobile and flexible working initiatives for work at home, work remotely, and BYOD
  • Ensure end user devices are compatible and meet compliance requirements using the validation tool
  • Deliver centralized thin client device management and profiles ensuring devices are up to date and secure
  • Provide simplified and enhanced, levels of remote support capabilities to your end users

“Due to shrinking budgets, our school district had to find a way to extend the functional lifespan of our 16,000 Windows computers. Users love that MagicFilter makes their thin client behave like a regular computer…”

Brent Goerner
Director of Technology Operations at Allen Independent School District, US
Gemeente den helder
The Irish Times
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La's Best 2

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