Software Defined Thin Clients

ThinKiosk is the first, Windows based, software defined, enterprise ready PC to thin client conversion software solution.

Convert PC’s to Thin Clients

At its core, ThinKiosk is a software defined, Windows-based, enterprise ready PC to thin client conversion solution. It enables any Windows-based endpoint device to be repurposed into a centrally managed, secure, Windows-based thin client. For end users it offers a lightweight intuitive user interface delivering a secure workspace environment from where they can access their remote desktop and application environments. For IT admins it delivers a centralized platform to manage the devices and ensure they are secure and compliant.

Convert PC’s to Thin Clients

Deploying New Devices

Being a software defined thin client solution means that ThinKiosk is vendor agnostic and can run on any Windows-based hardware. This allows organizations to purchase their choice of hardware device, from PC’s to laptops, including a wider variety of devices such as thin clients and Intel NUC type devices.

Deploying New Devices

Thin Client Mobility

With ThinKiosk, an organization can simply turn existing laptops into mobile thin client devices, delivering a secure mobile environment to connect to remote environments whilst on the move. Take advantage of the advanced Secure Remote Worker feature of ThinKiosk to extend security and compliance to the next level.

Thin Client Mobility

ThinKiosk converts existing Windows-based PC’s, laptops, and thin clients, into secure, centrally managed ThinKiosk thin clients. This results in cost savings in procurement and deployment of devices, as well as the ongoing management of your entire client device estate. Not only that, it adds an unparalleled set of security features to protect end users and corporates alike.

With ThinKiosk You can…

  • Convert existing Windows devices into Windows thin clients.
  • Enable smart working initiatives such as remote/home working, or BYOD.
  • Centrally manage thin client devices, ensuring they are always up to date and secure.
  • Simplify and enhance support capabilities

“We tested several products based on various criteria including, cost, ease of implementation, central management capability and user friendliness to name but a few. Based on our criteria, ThinKiosk scored the highest in all categories.”

Dermot Hanley
IT Manager at The Irish Times
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The Irish Times
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