ThinKiosk - Software defined Windows Thin Clients

A software-only solution that repurposes existing Windows devices into secure, fully-featured, centrally managed Windows thin clients.

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Key Benefits

  • Repurpose existing hardware
  • Familiar Windows interface
  • Centralized management
  • Maximise your VDI investment
  • Support for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft

Secure Remote Worker - Secure connectivity from a personal Windows device

A software-only solution that turns a personal Windows device into a secure software defined thin client enabling secure remote access and BYOD.

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Key Benefits

  • Connect from Personal Devices
  • PCI Compliance
  • End Point Validation
  • Easy Deployment
  • Remove logistical complexities

IntelliPerform - Powering the optimization of desktop performance

A software optimization solution that maximizes the performance of desktop infrastructure resources.

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Key Benefits

  • CPU Optimization
  • Memory Optimization
  • Advanced rules-based engine
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Centralized management


The ETZ (Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis)




The Netherlands

Company Size

7,500 (3,600 devices)


The Background

The Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis (ETZ) is a Dutch clinical training hospital and trauma center situated across three locations in Tilburg and Waalwijk. ETZ provides healthcare services to the residents of the Central Brabant region of Holland and employs 7,500 healthcare professionals.

Originally, ETZ had embarked on a project to migrate to the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and, at the same time, to implement a Citrix VDI platform. Subsequently, ETZ initiated a migration to Windows 10, as well as moving from Citrix VDI to VMware Horizon.

Due to the size and scope of the migration, ETZ needed to manage their costs carefully. They also needed to reduce overall project spend.

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The Challenges

Given the large number of employees and devices, ETZ already had a sizeable estate of existing endpoints. These were typically replaced every four to five years. In order to reduce costs, they wanted to extend the life of these devices. ETZ explored solutions allowing them to repurpose existing endpoints using a thin client software.

Beyond the shelf life of existing devices, end users would now be using endpoints to access a centralized VDI environment from multiple locations. ETZ therefore needed to maintain and improve endpoint security levels.

ETZ first deployed ThinKiosk as their software defined thin client solution in 2013. This was part of a bigger Citrix and Windows 7 project. However, in 2016, the decision was taken to replace Citrix with VMware Horizon. This meant that they needed a solution that would enable them to support both environments, and a solution allowing end users to be seamlessly migrated to the new environment.

The end goal of the migration was to have at least 90% of end users working on the new VDI platform.

“End users don’t even realize they are working on VDI. It looks like they are working the same way as they would on a PC at home.”

Patrique Schuijffel - Senior IT Specialist

The Solution

How ThinKiosk solved ETZ’s challenges

ETZ researched traditional thin client solutions including IGEL, Wyse, HP and Citrix Transformer. Different options for repurposing existing hardware were also considered.

One of ETZ’s hospital locations had already deployed ThinKiosk and was very enthusiastic about the features and benefits that ThinKiosk delivered. As a result, ThinKiosk was chosen as the solution to roll out across all hospital locations.

ThinKiosk addressed all the requirements ETZ needed to repurpose existing endpoint devices into centrally managed, secure, vendor agnostic thin clients.

Thin Client Computing in Healthcare

ThinKiosk is a software-defined solution that repurposes existing Windows hardware into Windows-based thin clients. As PCs, laptops, and existing thin clients will already be in place, ThinKiosk can turn these into centrally managed Windows-based thin clients. ThinKiosk provides a familiar look and feel to clinicians, and a secure interface to access healthcare systems and patient data.

ThinKiosk does not simply convert existing Windows devices by adding central management. It also enables flexible working, allowing field-based healthcare professionals to have secure remote access to centralized patient records from any Windows device. It also enables clinicians to to move freely between clinics and departments.

Electronic Health Records Systems

Increasingly, patient medical information is being stored in Electronic Health Records systems (EHR) which centralize data in an electronic format, and are designed to protect the privacy and security of patient data and more importantly ensure the integrity of that data. Businesses such as Epic, Cerner, Siemens, and GE Healthcare all provide solutions in this space.

The key to EHR systems is the ability for clinicians and healthcare professionals to quickly, easily, and securely access correct applications and patient information. They also typically need this access from anywhere and at anytime, as having access to this information could literally be the difference between life and death.

ThinKiosk allows this flexibility, without compromising on security and PCI or HIPAA compliance.

ETZ: Short-Term Benefits of ThinKiosk


Experts in Windows-based solutions

ThinScale enabled ETZ to deliver an enhanced end user experience as well as maximizing virtual infrastructure performance.

piggy bank

Cost-effective solutions

ETZ reduced CapEx and OpEx costs by repurposing existing client devices and optimizing existing desktop infrastructure resources.


Innovative and flexible technology

ETZ were able to implement secure, policy-driven workspace environments ensuring end users and data were always protected in remote environments.


Single point of management

The ETZ team were able to manage all ThinKiosk enabled devices centrally from a single console, increasing internal operational efficiency.

secure shield

Secure and Compliant

The ETZ team were able to implement latest Enterprise-class levels of security and compliance for end user solutions within all locations.


Advanced optimization & management

The team maximized and protected different infrastructure investments with advanced ThinKiosk functionality.

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ETZ: Long-Term ThinKiosk Benefits

ThinKiosk reduced ETZ’s costs by eliminating the need to purchase new hardware.

Supporting VMware & Citrix

ThinKiosk is vendor agnostic so it works with all VDI vendors solutions simultaneously, meaning there was no need for ETZ to abandon a solution they had already invested in.

Extended device life cycle

Devices no longer have to be replaced every 4-5 years. They can be locked down, turned into thin clients and continue to be used. Some of their devices are now 10 years old.

Seamless end user experience

End users see a ThinKiosk login box and once logged in, they are automatically logged into VMware Horizon, or have the choice of which environment to connect to.

Centralized management at scale

ThinKiosk allowed ETZ to scale seamlessly from a central console, allowing the IT team to detect issues in the environment and deploy updates, patches and policies.

High level of customisation

ThinKiosk allows ETZ to customize the ThinKiosk secure workspace, using their own branding, by changing the wallpaper, or removing buttons to fit their exact end user requirements.

Adaptable security

ETZ can lock down PCs so that the end users only log in to their VDI desktops. However, with ThinKiosk they have the option to be able to allow access to local apps if required.

In Summary

With ThinKiosk, ETZ can now repurpose and redeploy their existing
hardware as ThinKiosk software-defined thin clients, allowing
access to their VDI platform as well as local apps.

This not only dramatically cuts their costs, but it also allows them
to secure the endpoint
, manage it centrally, and deliver an
enhanced end user experience.

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“ThinKiosk's support of multiple VDI environments really helped and is a big plus for running in production. Working with the ThinScale team is excellent and support is very responsive. It’s great to be able to speak to them directly and discuss potential.”

Patrique Schuijffel — Senior IT Specialist

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