Intelligently manage, control & monitor CPU usage in your virtual environments.

Designed For

IT Admins

IT Admins

For the IT admins, ThreadLocker enables them to manage CPU resources across the environment more intelligently, simplifying management. They can easily monitor CPU consumption from the comprehensive reporting tools. The net result being a reduction in performance related support tickets, and ultimately happy end users.



For businesses it’s all about saving money and improving the bottom line. ThreadLocker reduces costs by intelligently managing CPU resources ensuring a business can maximize it’s hardware investment and get the most out of it, resulting in higher user density. More users per server means less servers required.

End Users

End Users

End users won’t actually ‘see’ ThreadLocker running, but they will certainly feel the positive impact it delivers to their overall end user experience. Their desktop and application sessions will perform much faster and will not hang due to any CPU contention issues, or consume too much resource that would affect others users.



Rules Based Configuration

Integrated rules-based engine enables a more granular level of configuration settings, allowing them to be set on a per rule basis.


CPU Core Selection

Select which apps run on which individual CPU, allowing you to create configurations on a per CPU basis, locking CPU against particular apps.


Maximum CPU Usage

Limit the amount of CPU any particular process can consume, with limits based on a percentage of the overall CPU resource available.


Users and Groups

Apply or exclude rules and configurations to target specific users and/or user groups, delivering a more granular way of delivering the right resources.


Management Platform Integration

Centralized management of ThreadLocker settings, configurations, and updates, as well as ThiKiosk management from the same console.


Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Centralized reporting delivered form the Management Platform to monitor CPU usage.


Enhanced end user experience by ensuring end users have the appropriate resource levels available.

Maximizes your investment in server and infrastructure resources by increasing user density, lowering the number of servers needed.

Lightweight and scalable solution allows for quick and easy deployment.

Manage and monitor CPU utilization to ensure you are making the most of what's available.

Increased resource utilization helping reduce the overall cost of infrastructure.

Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities shows you exactly where resources are being consumed.

Performance Testing White Paper

Scapa Technologies ran fully independent testing using the RDP display protocol with simulated users to demonstrate and measure the positive impact that Threadlocker has on end-user experience and server capacity.

End user experience was completely transformed, Dramatic improvments in average execution times were seen, CPU utilization was down significantly User density was increased

Bill Gleeson - Director of Scapa Technologies

Work Anywhere Solutions

”With ThreadLocker we have been able to control the amount of CPU threads per server Excel can consume, this allows for a greater user density and in turn a reduced per seat cost. We love how easy ThreadLocker is to setup, using our software deployment services we push the agent with configuration and it’s ready and controlling CPU threads in seconds. Today we continue to scale our environment, ThreadLocker is now a crucial part of our service standard and we continue to find new ways it can help achieve our global business agility needs.”

Matt Pinnell
End User Computing – Virtualization Specialist at Willis Towers Watson
Willis Towers Watson
La's Best
The Irish Times

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ThreadLocker is available in two different editions, Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Each edition offers a range of different features and benefits.

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