Deploy Any x86 Device as a Windows Thin Client

By having deployed a ThinKiosk centrally managed thin client environment organizations now have the ability to choose any x86 Windows-based device when it comes to deploying new devices to end users.

This device choice enables IT to deploy the most appropriate device based on an end users job function, rather than trying to deploy devices based on a “one size fits all” policy.

Manage Any Vendors Device

ThinKiosk is 100% vendor agnostic allowing IT to deploy devices manufactured by any vendor yet still be able to deliver a secure Windows-based thin client environment regardless.

Taking this approach eliminates vendor lock-in scenarios, allowing organizations to pick and choose devices based on cost, or maybe based on the end user requirements. Regardless of the scenario, the thin client environment is centrally managed from a single management platform, and delivers the same look and feel to the end users, across all devices.

Manage a Secure Environment and not the OS

One of the ways that ThinKiosk enables the use of any Windows-based device to be converted into a Windows-based thin client is by locking down the underlying OS, and in its place, delivering a secure workspace interface.

This secure workspace interface not only provides a familiar look and feel for the end users, but also allows IT admins to deliver a secure environment from which to connect to remote environments from. Using the centralized management platform, IT can manage this secure environment without having to worry about the OS. Using the advanced management features that ThinKiosk offers, they can ensure it’s running the latest software and up to date and compliant policies.

Reducing the Cost of Device Deployment

When deploying devices, and having the ability to turn any Windows device into a Windows-based software defined thin client, organizations can reduce costs by looking at devices that would typically have been out of scope.

Now they can consider low costs devices such as Raspberry Pi’s, Intel NUC devise, or other low cost mini PC type device.

Why Organizations Choose ThinKiosk

ThinKiosk converts existing Windows-based PC’s, laptops, and thin clients, into secure, centrally managed ThinKiosk software defined thin clients, saving costs in procurement and deployment of devices by allowing organizations the freedom to choose the end user device.

The ongoing management overheads of your thin client device estate are dramatically reduced, both from a time and cost perspective. Not only that, it adds an unparalleled set of security features to allow new working initiatives to protect end users and corporates alike.

ThinKiosk Licensing Info

ThinKiosk is available three different editions, Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Enterprise Plus Edition. Each edition offers a range of different features and benefits.

Download ThinKiosk Trial

The ThinKiosk evaluation license entitles you to a free, fully featured and supported, 30-day trial of ThinKiosk Enterprise Plus Edition.

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