Why Repurpose Windows PCs with ThinKiosk ?

When any organization embarks on an end user computing project, and once they have selected the most appropriate vendors virtual desktop or remote application solution, and the infrastructure, often the next step of the project is to review how the end users are going to connect to this new remote environment.

This is where they will typically start to evaluate thin clients as a means to connect, and deciding which clients are the best option depending on their choice of remote solution. Maybe zero clients for a VMware PCoIP environment would be considered, or a Linux-based device due to their low price point and perceived security. Rarely in this conversation does the operating system that the thin client is running become a discussion point. Why? Because the perception is that it doesn’t matter what the thin client runs. It’s just a dumb terminal!

Reuse or Dispose Existing Windows PC’s ?

Another point that gets overlooked, for whatever reason, is the fact that the end users will already have some form of PC or laptop in place that they are already using today. So now IT are looking at replacing, what are typically perfectly useable devices, for some form of thin client device increasing the overall cost of the project. But it’s not just the cost of deploying thin clients that’s the problem. There are additional, sometimes hidden or forgotten costs, in removing the currently deployed PC’s and laptops. Ethical and secure disposal is one of those, and needs to be carried out by professional, certified companies, which again adds to the project costs.

You could of course just give these old devices away to charitable organizations, but that’s not straightforward either. What about the confidential, sensitive corporate data that is sitting on that local hard drive? Again, that’s another cost to ensure that the data is securely wiped.

Turn existing PC’s into New Thin Clients

So, the question is, why not continue using these devices and convert them into thin clients? That’s where ThinScale and ThinKiosk come in.

ThinKiosk is a software defined solution that converts your existing Windows PC’s, laptops, and thin clients into secure, centrally managed Windows-based thin clients with a familiar Windows-based end user experience.

It does this via a lightweight intuitive user interface that provides end users with secure access to their remote desktop and application environments, such as Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft RDS. ThinKiosk is vendor agnostic allowing it to be used with any remote environment, and is also not tied to any specific hardware​ vendor allowing you to avoid vendor lock in, and for deployment to different vendors hardware.

Why Organizations Choose ThinKiosk

ThinKiosk converts existing Windows-based PC’s, laptops, and thin clients, into secure, centrally managed ThinKiosk thin clients, saving costs in procurement and deployment of devices, and the ongoing management of your client device estate. Not only that, it adds an unparalleled set of security features to protect end users and corporates alike.

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10 Reasons to Convert Existing PCs into Thin Clients

Deploying software-defined thin clients on existing hardware is a great alternative to buying new hardware. Download our guide below.

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