Delivering Business Continuity for the End User

Often when the term business continuity is used, it refers to the back end infrastructure, or the data centre. Not to be confused with disaster recovery (DR), business continuity aims to keep things running in situ using high availability features rather than failing over to a secondary set of infrastructure on a bespoke DR site.

That’s all well and good having the infrastructure highly available, but what if the end users are not able to connect as they are office-based and can’t physically make it into the office for whatever reason? You need a solution that allows end users to securely connect form non-corporate devices, and from remote locations.

Continue Working on any Windows-based Device

ThinKiosk being a software defined thin client solution, is essentially a Windows application that runs on the end users device, instantly turning it into a secure and centrally managed thin client.

With business continuity in mind, end users can easily launch ThinKiosk on their home PC’s and take advantage of the Secure Remote Worker. This feature allows them to connect back to the corporate environments, securely, and under IT policy and control when unable to make it into the office.

ThinKiosk would lock down the device preventing the user from accessing it, allow them to connect and work from their remote environments, and then, when they have finished working, return them back to the native device.

Business Continuity with ThinKiosk

Business continuity in the context of ThinKiosk, brings together the elements of remote and home working, BYOD, and the Secure Remote Worker feature. Combining all these elements allows end users to continue working regardless of their location and using their own Windows device should they be unable to make. To find out more about these features, download the business continuity whitepaper.

ThinKiosk Licensing Info

ThinKiosk is available three different editions, Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Enterprise Plus Edition. Each edition offers a range of different features and benefits. MORE INFO Download ThinKiosk Trial

Download ThinKiosk Trial

The ThinKiosk evaluation license entitles you to a free, fully featured and supported, 30-day trial of ThinKiosk Enterprise Plus Edition.

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