IT Administrators

With it’s centralized management platform, ThinKiosk allows IT admins to convert and manage software defined thin clients from a single console, using a single management platform that is also used to manage the additional ThinScale solutions. They can quickly and simply deploy policies to devices ensuring they are always secure, up to date, and compliant. Centralized management also enables remote support features which drastically cuts support costs and the need for deskside visits.

The Business

The benefits for a business are a culmination of all the end user benefits and IT admin benefits, that deliver financial rewards and enhanced end user productivity, all contributing to the bottom line.

Deploying ThinKiosk will significantly reduce support costs, as most calls will now not require a deskside visit, and be handled remotely. IT will save time enabling them to work on more strategic, business lead projects. Remote working features enhances end user productivity, ultimately leading not only to profitability and competitive advantage, but attracting staff by offering the freedom to work from home, or other remote locations. This has a positive impact on staff morale and helps with recruitment and attrition.

Remote working features enhances end user productivity, ultimately leading to profitability and competitive advantage. Plus the obvious cost savings in not having the purchase new hardware, and lower energy bills.

The End User

End users are the biggest asset to a business, and delivering a solution that increases their productivity can deliver massive advantages for both the end users and businesses alike. ThinKiosk delivers a number of features that are designed to make life easier for the end users, allowing them to work remotely, and simplify the way they interact and consume remote corporate systems and data.

The ThinKiosk secure workspace environment gives end users an intuitive, familiar Windows look and feel user interface that allows them to connect to their remote desktop and application environments, as well as local applications. It’s fully context aware and so removes any complexity around which application a user should use and when. In addition, ThinKiosk adds a number of features designed to make the whole user experience seamless. Features such as Magic Filter that captures the key presses and makes sure they execute within the right environment. A very simple, yet very powerful feature that overcomes one of those user frustrating elements of using remote environments.