Delivering Security for Remote Working

With virtual desktop and other remotely delivered environments, users can now work from outside the corporate office environment. Having the freedom to work at home, from customer sites, from other office locations, or even from the local coffee shop enables end user freedom leading to increased end user productivity. But what about the question of security?

How can the IT department deliver remote working solutions while maintaining corporate levels of security, and compliance, ensuring the end user device is secure and isn’t going to compromise data security?

When working from the office security and compliance is easily achievable. But what happens when an end user is outside the office and working on their home PC? These personally owned devices will be used to connect to, and access sensitive company data, apps, and systems. How can IT ensure that these devices are secure and offer no risk to the corporate environment?

How does Secure Remote Worker Work?

When an end user launches Secure Remote Worker, they are logged out of their current Windows session on the local device, and logged into a local account on the same device. Perfect for machines that will not be domain connected, like home PC’s. Secure Remote Worker polices are applied, locking down the underlying device OS and the Secure Remote Worker workspace UI is launched.

When the end user has finished working on their remote environment they simply log out, which essentially switches off Secure Remote Worker mode. They are logged out of the secure environment and returned to their local Windows session, where they can log in again and continue working on the local device.

Additional Features Designed for Remote & Home Working

Secure Remote Worker delivers a number of features and benefits to enable remote and work at home initiatives. The first benefit for end users is the intuitive user interface, with a familiar Windows look and feel. Users are still able to configure which networks they connect to, along with keyboard configurations and other customisations. Within the workspace they will find all their icons for connecting to their remote environments – all preconfigured by IT, and ready to launch.

To find out more details about these advanced features, and how they work, download the Secure Remote Worker feature focus white paper.

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Secure Remote Worker Licensing

Secure Remote Worker is licensed on a per device subscription model. The ThinScale Management Platform and the End Point Validation Tool are included free of charge with the licence.

Secure Remote Worker Eval

The Secure Remote Worker evaluation license entitles you to a free, fully featured and supported, 30-day trial of Secure Remote Worker Enterprise Edition.

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