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Powering the Optimization of Desktop Performance

What is IntelliPerform?

IntelliPerform is not just the new name for ThreadLocker, it's an enterprise-class solution that now includes an advanced rules engine for optimizing and managing system CPU and memory.

Intelligent Resource Management & Optimization

Intelligently manage and optimize desktop infrastructure resources, enabling resources to be delivered when they are needed, managing resource hungry apps.

Centralized Management & Reporting

IT administrators can monitor resource usage in real-time and then quickly and easily configure and deploy optimization rules from a centralized management console.

Enhanced End User Experience & Performance​

Prevent rogue apps & processes from consuming more resources than they need, eliminating slow performance, and delivering the best end user experience and performance possible.

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Why IntelliPerform?


IntelliPerform is a software solution that requires no additional hardware. It simply installs inside the desktop OS, either physical or virtual.

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Lower infrastructure costs

Intelligently managing and optimizing resources allows IT to maximize their investment in hardware lowering the cost of infrastructure and management.

Maximize performance

Realize the full performance potential from your desktop infrastructure using dynamic rules to target delivery to the right place as and when required.

Enhanced end user experience

Deliver the best end user experience by managing and delivering optimized resources to guarantee end users have the right resources to aid productivity.

Advanced reporting and analytics

IntelliPerform delivers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities that show you exactly where your desktop infrastructure resources are being consumed.


Centralized management

Optimize and manage your entire desktop infrastructure resources from a single management console to dynamically configure rules, policies, and actions.

IntelliPerform Key Features


CPU Optimization

Enables IT to assign processes to specific CPU cores, set minimum or maximum usage, and manage CPU priority.


Memory Optimization

Delivers advanced memory management features to the Windows OS ensuring apps have the memory resources they require.


Single Pane of Glass

Centralized management and configuration of IntelliPerform features and settings, all from a single console, including ThinKiosk.


Advanced Rules-Based Engine

IntelliPerform enables IT to configure a more granular set of rules for dynamic CPU and memory optimization.


Session Based Rules

Apply CPU and memory optimizations to users sessions when they exceed the configured thresholds or when the session state meets the configured criteria.


Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Create management reports directly from the ThinScale Management Platform to report on desktop resource usage.


IntelliPerform is Designed For

IT Administrators

IT Administrators

For the IT teams, IntelliPerform enables them to manage desktop infrastructure resources across the environment more intelligently, simplifying management. They can easily monitor and dynamically manage, and optimize resources via an advanced rules-based engine.



For a business it’s all about saving costs and improving the bottom line. IntelliPerform reduces costs by intelligently managing desktop infrastructure resources allowing a business to maximize hardware investments delivering the best cost and performance with greater user densities.

End Users

End Users

End users won’t actually ‘see’ IntelliPerform running, but they will certainly feel the positive impact it delivers to their overall end user experience. Their applications will perform much faster having the right resources delivered at the right time. A critical component for end user productivity.

”With IntelliPerform, we have been able to control the amount of CPU threads per server Excel can consume, this allows for a greater user density and in turn a reduced per-seat cost. IntelliPerform is now a crucial part of our service.”

Matt Pinnell End User Computing – Virtualization Specialist at Willis Towers Watson, UK

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