06 April 2016

ThinKiosk 4.6.2 now available

4.6.2 is a cumulative update which contains some minor feature enhancements and bug fixes. As always we want to thank our customers and the many members of the community that contacted us with ideas for new features and benefits. Below is a download link and details of the changes in this release.


What’s new in 4.6.2:

- StoreFront connector failed to enumerate 'Active' sessions
- Application launch login dialog now handles multiple domains
- New profile option to allow a list of usernames that prompt to close ThinKiosk
- New profile option to remove the browser forward and backward buttons independently of refresh
- Certain client dialogs are now model
- New profile option to remove the Horizon client shade menu bar
- Control panel applets now hidden on Windows 10
- New profile option to disable certificate revocation checking
- Improved Imprivata reconnect options
- Internet Explorer User Agent included 'touch' UA
- StoreFront published content appeared as a desktop resource
- Citrix resources would fail to launch in certain circumstances
- A power management exception would close ThinKiosk
- Added support for previous VMware Horizon brokers versions  


If you need reminding of all the other features and benefits ThinKiosk Enterprise has to offer have a read here If you want any further information, drop us an email on sales@thinscale.com 


The ThinScale Team

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